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Optosensor With UV Light Reliably Detects Transparent Objects

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Optosensor With UV Light Reliably Detects Transparent Objects
Optosensor With UV Light Reliably Detects Transparent Objects

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Video: Detection of Transparent Objects with Built-In AutoAdapt Technology from SICK 2023, February

The new photoelectric sensor TRU-C23 with IO-Link works as a proven reflector system. Thanks to a patented detection principle, the sensor offers a high level of detection reliability in order to reliably detect even very thin, transparent objects. He uses an ultraviolet spectrum light source whose rays are absorbed by clear glass or plastic.

Detect even very small objects reliably

The basis for the measurement is an LED, which emits polarized UV light, and a reflector, which consists of special materials suitable for UV light. Overall, the sensor has an operating range of approx. 1000 mm. It can also be used to reliably detect very small objects in its immediate vicinity. The sensor uses so-called autocollimation. The optical axis of the transmission channel is aligned with that of the reception channel using a special semi-transparent filter. This avoids the often annoying blind zone in the vicinity. Furthermore, detection through small openings is also possible.

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Typical application examples can be found e.g. B. in the detection of transparent films or containers made of clear glass or plastic for the beverage and food industry and in the presence control of vials or tubes in the pharmaceutical industry.

New switching and measuring light grids

With the new sensor series DGI (switching) and MGI (measuring), Contrinex presented compact infrared light grids as a robust plug-and-play solution. With a footprint of only 40 mm x 20.5 mm, the space-saving sensors can be easily integrated into different systems. The switching DGI variant can cover a detection height of up to 2,010 mm and, depending on the variant, detects objects with diameters from 0.9 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm or 25 mm. With the response times between 0.8 and 4.8 ms, even small objects are reliably recognized and counted at high speed. The fields of application range from small parts and film production through packaging applications to the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to the presence of the object, the measuring MGI version also determines its dimensions and position. The sensors can cover a measuring range height of up to 1438 mm, the resolution is 5 mm or 12 mm. The measured values ​​are output as an analog signal with 0 V to 10 V or as a signal with 4 mA to 20 mA. Typical areas of application for measuring infrared sensors are in logistics, in automated packaging systems, in storage rooms or in the wood industry. (jv)

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