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Wine Rack Wall

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Wine Rack Wall
Wine Rack Wall

Video: Wine Rack Wall

Video: Wine Rack Wall
Video: Easy 10-ft Tall Wine Rack With Limited Tools! 2023, September

If you want to build the wine rack for the wall, you need a wall niche that is around 3.80 meters wide and around 2.30 meters high. Of course, you can also set up smaller wall surfaces in the same way, but then you have to change the specified dimensions of the wine rack wall.

Build furniture yourself Build


wine rack yourself

One body - three variants: you can build this solid wine rack yourself

Build a wine rack for the wall

Tool checklist

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • hammer
  • Chop saw
  • brush
  • Impact drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Spirit level

A real wine wall needs two things: space for the wine bottles and space for the wine glasses. While the glasses can easily be placed on shelves, the noble drops themselves have to be presented in a slightly better way. For this we chose a diagonal grid, which we painted white. As a connection between the two grids and so that the bottles do not roll out of the side of the wine rack wall, attach plywood strips with wire pins to the diagonal struts from above.

Build furniture yourself


wooden wine rack

Stylish and functional: the wooden wine rack houses your fine wines

Wine rack wall: Staged with fluorescent lamps

In order to get the right atmosphere, you should install two fluorescent lamps with warm light tubes behind the round panels before filling out the shelf. In this way, the wine bottles are later illuminated indirectly and thus perfectly staged.

Feasible 100 - 250 € 1-2 days 1

Photos and drawing: Lars Dalsgaard

Source: himself is the man 2/2010