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Axel Voelcker, Caparol

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Axel Voelcker, Caparol
Axel Voelcker, Caparol

Video: Axel Voelcker, Caparol

Video: Axel Voelcker, Caparol
Video: Caparol: Ваши стены могут больше 2023, December

Axel Voelcker, expert for color digital in the Caparol color design studio explains the possibilities of the in-house software Spektrum.

Malerblatt: Which digital design tools do you offer the customer? Axel Voelcker: We have tailored our range of digital design to the needs of the craftsman. In the overall concept, it was important to us that the "Spectrum family" offers the right tool for everyone. Digital design should be easy and playful. This also means that the different tools are compatible with each other. Therefore, all designs can be exchanged between the different applications thanks to interfaces. We currently offer tools for the Internet browser as well as a software version, and of course our Spectrum Mobile app. With these extensive options for holistic interior design, we currently provide the widest range of color design tools in the industry.and for almost every device.

The app is the latest development. Do you need special digital knowledge for the application? No. Due to its deliberately reduced range of functions, the app is designed to be very user-friendly and intuitive. Getting into our product family couldn't be easier. Therefore, it is also ideal for the first customer contact and a quick sketch of ideas. Thanks to the simple user interface, the first concepts can be implemented on-site in just a few seconds in order to translate your own expertise into visual worlds. Our latest "family member" is, however, the Spectrum VR variant - with virtual reality glasses, the customer can dive into various rooms.

To what extent can you combine digital design tools with other media, for example when developing color plans or for suggestions for facade designs? As indicated, all of our applications are networked via interfaces and our cloud servers. For some years now, we have also been using the software for efficient visualization and photo-realistic design in the ColorDesignStudio. In addition to the time-saving component, this also has another advantage: Many of our customers can imagine the result even more clearly from the edited photos than from the classic plan view. In addition, we offer the customer the option of designing the retouched image worlds themselves using our free Spectrum express design tool.

How can colors be represented digitally or how can colors be programmed so that a "digital red" corresponds to an "analog red"? A good and frequently asked question. The answer is as complex as it is simple. Since we always compare two different color models (additive / subtractive) - i.e. light and body colors - from a physical point of view, attempts to find the best match using a mathematical approximation remain. In addition to the different perceptions, this is also due to the technology: Self-illuminating displays can only be a tool for a better imagination - no matter what technologies and qualities of the hardware we are talking about. In our view, a final selection of the color shade or the pattern must always be made on the basis of the original surface - not least in order to be on the safe side when it comes to metamerism.

Are you planning to expand the digital seminar system, for example in the form of an e-learning offer? Since the product family also largely presents itself on the digital stage, we are working on both webinar solutions and video tutorials that can be called up directly from the design tools regardless of the time. In addition, we are working out a stronger product relationship here in order to convey more technical content about new technologies in the future.

Let us take a look: Which digital instruments will be part of the painter's tools in the future? Both the smartphone and the tablet are the daily companions of the craftsmen and enable the expansion of reality with digital content. For example, the advising painter can explain to his customer the upcoming coating build-up on the virtual facade. With technology getting smaller and smaller, many new chipsets from sensors will soon be found in mobile devices. This means that the color measurement, i.e. the exact determination of a color, can take place directly at the customer.

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Caparol and Malerblatt are giving away five seminar places. Apply for a "Spectrum-Basis" seminar on January 24, 2018 or the "Spectrum-Aufbau" on January 25, 2018. Both seminars take place in the Haus des Handwerks in Ober-Ramstadt. More on this: