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One-component Tile Lacquer

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One-component Tile Lacquer
One-component Tile Lacquer

Video: One-component Tile Lacquer

Video: One-component Tile Lacquer
Video: Paver Block/Tile Lacquer Polish 2023, April

A primer for the paint is not necessary, which will make bathroom renovation even more interesting for many processors.

Specialty manufacturer Jaeger Lacke is coming to Munich for Color 2016 with a real innovation. Over 35 years ago, Jaeger Lacke from Möglingen in Swabia invented the subject of bathroom renovation for painters with the first bathtub paint. While the renovation of old, unsightly bathrooms was long the domain of tilers and plumbers, the innovative painting renovation of tiles and sanitary objects opened up new, attractive and lucrative sales areas for painters. Since then, Jaeger has regularly brought improvements and expansions to the product module, for example the two-component bath and tile paint in 2007.

At Color 2016, the innovative specialty manufacturer is now presenting the first one-component, water-based tile lacquer without primer for coating ceramic wall tiles indoors. The new tile varnish is a primer and top coat in one, so renovating tile surfaces will be considerably easier in the future. Decalcify and clean tiles, then apply the product twice by brushing, rolling or spraying - the new bathroom is ready. Excellent adhesion even without a primer and excellent hiding power support ease of processing. The time saved is enormous because there is no priming.

Before …

… Later

The new Aqua tile varnish also impresses visually with seven current trend colors, inspired by the tile collections of well-known tile manufacturers. The silky matt surface with a pleasant feel looks very elegant. In addition to the environmental friendliness of the water-based product, customers will also appreciate the lack of odor.

The innovation will be presented for the first time at Color 2016 in Munich and will be available in spring sizes of 750 ml and 2.5 l from spring 2016.

Source: JAEGER

PS: You will find the Jaeger company at Color 2016 in Hall A2, Stand 412

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