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JAEGER Bathroom Renovation

JAEGER Bathroom Renovation
JAEGER Bathroom Renovation

Video: JAEGER Bathroom Renovation

Video: JAEGER Bathroom Renovation
Video: Abandoned Bldg Renovation Ep. 18... the ULTRA-MODERN BATHROOM!! 2023, December

Coating tiles and tubs safely: New products such as the basic tile cleaner complete the system.

Over 35 years ago, Jaegerlacke from Möglingen, Swabia, invented the subject of bathroom renovation for painters with the first bathtub paint. While the renovation of old, unsightly bathrooms was long the domain of tilers and plumbers, the innovative painting renovation of tiles and sanitary objects opened up new, attractive and lucrative sales areas for painters.

The classic in the range is the highly resistant, two-component bathtub and tile paint, which is also offered in a practical set. Last year, the alternative was water-based aqua tile paint, which is particularly efficient to process as a 3-in-1 product. Excellent adhesion even without a primer and excellent hiding power support ease of processing. The time saved is enormous, because in addition to the priming operation, there is no longer the usual pot life for the two-component product.

Now the range is being expanded with another product: For the important cleaning of the surfaces before the actual coating, there is now the highly effective basic tile cleaner. It is solvent-free and can therefore be used indoors without any problems. Soap residues, shampoo or hairspray, but also poorly soluble soiling such as oily and greasy residues are sprayed on and can be easily rinsed off with water after a short exposure time. The environment is also protected: Tile basic cleaner is biodegradable.

Special repair sets for paint and surfaces complete the range and ensure that even minor damage to the tiles can be repaired before coating.

In modern bathrooms, by the way, surfaces that are not directly in the splash water area are often no longer tiled. These areas can be designed with the Villa Venezia spatula techniques from JAEGER, for example, to be visually sophisticated and classy. The cleaned tile surfaces are primed, filled and then designed using one of the many beautiful techniques from the Villa Venezia range. A final seal with antique soap protects the surface from dirt and moisture.

Before the bathroom renovation

After the bathroom renovation

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