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Video: QUESTION OF THE MONTH. Spray Filler

Video: QUESTION OF THE MONTH. Spray Filler
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Frequently asked question: Is the application of filler with an airless device possible and sensible?

The desire of many customers for smooth surfaces on walls and ceilings is in vogue. This could be one reason why the airless processing technology is in increasing demand.

Applying fillers with airless spraying equipment has several advantages. On the one hand, the spatula can be applied with the help of a machine that saves time and material. Secondly, the result is characterized by a very uniform layer thickness and excellent surface quality.

In order to implement this technique with a perfect end result, however, a few basic rules must be observed. Handling the spraying devices sometimes requires some practice. Ultimately, the processing of spatulas in this way does not pose a problem for any user.

It is important to use the appropriate material for this processing route. The so-called synthetic resin dispersion fillers are the first choice for this. This type of filler is available both as sacks (e.g. Zero machine fine filler) and also filled in buckets (e.g. Zero Airless fine filler).

In addition to the right leveling compound, the right device must of course be used. In this way, optimal areas can be achieved with suitable Graco or Wagner paint spraying devices. For large construction sites, working with an appropriately spacious material container (90 liters) is ideal.

The delivery rate of the airless machine should be at least four liters / minute for this purpose. However, the standard built-in filters must be removed to apply the spatula. This applies to the filter unit in the device as well as in the spray gun. The inner diameter of the material hose should be at least 13 millimeters.

Attention should also be paid to the handling of the material.

As you know, the problem lies in the details. The correct opening of the packaging already plays a role because it is to be avoided that small sections of the plastic bags get into the spatula. This inevitably leads to malfunctions in the operation of the machine.

If these points are observed and suitable accessories are used, there is nothing standing in the way of clean, rational processing of fillers with airless devices.

Author: Roberto Bongiovanni is a master painter and state-certified paint and

varnish technician , as well as head of application technology at ZERO-LACK Source: Malerblatt 09/2018