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Creative Impulses In “Masters In Form And Color”

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Creative Impulses In “Masters In Form And Color”
Creative Impulses In “Masters In Form And Color”

Video: Creative Impulses In “Masters In Form And Color”

Video: Creative Impulses In “Masters In Form And Color”
Video: Meet master artist Leo Fuchs for his perspective in art and symbolic abstract works 2023, December

The master's examination exhibition “Masters in form and color” was again a feast for the eyes in terms of creativity and craftsmanship.

Author / Photos: Susanne Wierse

A vocational school class moves in small groups from exhibition berth to exhibition bunk. Techniques are inspected and discussed, and recognition is palpable: they want to go there themselves, and creating such work is a worthwhile goal. The accompanying teachers are asked which requirements are necessary for further training to become a master.

What more could an exhibition of the thirty best works from the master craftsmen's examinations of painters and varnishers in Baden-Württemberg do than generate enthusiasm for this profession among young people? The performance show reaches a broad public here and proves: No matter whether clay, paint, metal, wood or plaster - the young masters know all about materials, conjure up individual, masterfully crafted masterpieces with fonts, drawings, symbols or special effects. The 30 “showpieces” were selected from around 250 exams, taken in summer and autumn 2018 at the six full-day master schools in Baden-Württemberg.

The competition

The exhibition is also a design competition. A nationwide jury examined the exhibits according to the criteria "design" and "execution" and awarded the best. The award winners include Katrin Besler (Ulm), Margarita Vulvert, Timo Endler and Ann-Christin Wehlage (all from Stuttgart) as well as Manuel Kern (Lahr) and Stefanie Rölfs (Karlsruhe). The awards were donated by the companies Baumit, Brillux, Caparol, the Euro-Kreis Maler as well as by ProfiTec and STO.

50 years of Ulm University

On the subject of "50 years of Ulm University", Katrin Besler decided on the "Quantum Mechanics" faculty and dealt intensively with the subject area. The different approaches of the physicists were incorporated into their design, for example, the position of the electrons in Bohr's atomic model changes when illuminated with black light.

With a total of 13 works, the Stuttgart School of Color and Design presented itself as a forge of creativity and was rewarded with three awards.

The Factory

The art concept of Steampunk is to aesthetically modernize modern technology. It deals with the idea of what today's world would look like if it were not electricity but steam that kept it moving. Margarita Vulvert inspired this trend to an extraordinary work. She developed surface techniques for the steampunk studio "The Factory" in Berlin. In doing so, she experimented with different materials, from floor coverings to clay fillers.

Statues in bronze

The human being as an art form played a major role at the Free Art Academy in Nürtingen under the direction of Prof. Karl Heinz Türk. Timo Endler decided to take up this topic for his work, the design of a new exhibition space for the art academy. His technique 1 is based on Turk's favorite art form "statues in bronze". For this purpose, bronze pigments were used in alcohol technology. The impact metal copper was then partially placed on the abstracted silhouettes.

Young fashion

Ann-Christin Wehlage shows courage to color with her design for a shop of the young fashion label "Ohana Wear" for sports and streetwear. For this purpose, she developed three alternative techniques, one of which was implemented in the shop and is intended to serve as an eye-catcher. The three techniques "creative painting", "antique look" and "paint filling" convinced the jury both with the perfect execution and the appealing design.

Noble drop - noble surfaces

What is striking is the waterdrop lacquer technique by Manuel Kern's work. A gray tone was stenciled based on a lacquer technique based on the earthy brown basic tone. The play of light and shadow gives the wine grape logo to a vinotheque dynamic. The logo also appears in the free design and the structural technology with a marble plaster based on lime.

Sporty modernity

Stefanie Rölfs designed an industrial-style entrance area for a modern club building, convincing the jury. She developed the “Teamgeist” logo, which was printed in two colors using a screen printing process on a metallic lacquered MDF board. In addition, reverse glass gilding, the "riveted steel plate imitation" using the airbrush process, real rust technology for the entrance area and marble fine plaster technology with exposed concrete look were carried out.

Many ideas

Sales rooms offer diverse space for creative ideas. Whether surf shop or sales loft, the surface ideas developed by the young masters would offer some deserted inner city a new incentive for visitors.

You can find many more creative ideas and surfaces from the young masters on our homepage.

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The design competition with an exhibition in the Karlsruhe Regional Council is supported annually - supported by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg - by the master schools from Karlsruhe, Lahr, Mosbach, Reutlingen, Ulm and Stuttgart, the Landesinnungsverband der Maler- und Lackiererhandwerk Baden- Württemberg and the regional council of Karlsruhe.


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