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Gustav Schäfer From Tokio Hotel. Interior Design In The Bungalow

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Gustav Schäfer From Tokio Hotel. Interior Design In The Bungalow
Gustav Schäfer From Tokio Hotel. Interior Design In The Bungalow

Video: Gustav Schäfer From Tokio Hotel. Interior Design In The Bungalow

Video: Gustav Schäfer From Tokio Hotel. Interior Design In The Bungalow
Video: EP02 Gustav's Huge Runway Debut - Tokio Hotel TV 2019 Official 2023, December

In cooperation with Brillux, Gustav Schäfer, drummer of the band Tokio Hotel, looks over his shoulder at YouTube in creating his desired ambience in his future apartment building and mixes himself vigorously. However, the professional advice and execution was carried out by the professionals of the Neppe painting company from Altenweddingen. What concept, what techniques and materials did you work with?

The guys from the Tokio Hotel band have become long-established men. Drummer Gustav Schäfer, 31, founded a family years ago. And of course this is exactly what a home needs - in its case in the form of a newly built bungalow in Magdeburg. The modern u-shaped flat roof construction offers plenty of space for all the needs of the family of three, but is neither oversized nor outwards. What makes the normal property the prominent musician's personal dream house are the aesthetic surface designs with products from Brillux that combine understatement with eye-catching qualities.

Gustav Schäfer: design concept for the rooms

"We kept the entire design concept simple and only set a few highlights here and there," explains master painter Susan Neppe Wiegand from the Neppe painting company in Altenweddingen. She advised Gustav Schäfer in detail on the selection of all ideas for walls, ceilings and floors before her team started to implement them.

The facade has been subtly enlivened with a horizontal brush sweeping technique. In the interior, a warm white, high-quality wall light suitable for grazing light with Superlux ELF 3000 ensures a calm, inviting frame. The consistent floor design in the children's, bedroom, dressing room and music room with the same designer floor decor emphasizes this effect. Here Gustav Schäfer's choice fell on the Brillux design flooring 3055 with subtly grayed wood-look decor 425. The planks with a wear layer of 0.3 millimeters are suitable for the highest demands in private living areas. "I like the floor very much," says Gustav Schäfer after the installation, when the successful interplay of the wall and floor colors can be seen. And added, to the master painter of his trust: "You were right as always!"So much harmony can only be improved by accents. And they should be in the living room. The shepherd's bedroom and music room will soon be visible.

Living room: black steel technology and clever lighting solution

In the living room of Gustav Schäfer, a large glass front during the day and a fireplace on cool evenings create atmosphere. The large front of the living room, on which a television should be placed, was an eye-catcher for the first design highlight. The drummer was immediately enthusiastic about a black steel look that brings the appearance of untreated, rolled steel into the room: the anthracite-colored, iridescent technology is powerful without being irritating and extremely puristic without being undercooled. In several work steps, the creative experts from the Neppe painter initially worked with Brillux Creativ Tenero 84, the velvet-effect filler with fine metal-effect pigments, in silver and then finished it with the matt matt dispersion glaze Creativ Viviato 72. The appearance of the large area was perfected by realistic joint formation: precisely measured joint tapes were attached before the last spatula and removed again before glazing. Gustav Schäfer opted for a special effect in the entire ceiling area of the living room: With the TuneLight system and the TL decorative profiles, the entire room was given a further structure. The charming indirect lighting from the surrounding profiles also visually raises the ceiling, which is also structurally elevated in this area, and makes the room appear even more spacious. "For me, TuneLight is one of the design elements in our house that I like best", Gustav Schäfer is enthusiastic about the comfort in his living and dining area, which is generated by the indirect lighting.“The rust-look, black steel and Concento metal structure technology are also creative eye-catchers in the rooms. Overall, it just got nice - with a few special highlights.”

Music room: rust look with a vintage touch

"It'll be fine, won't it?" Dominik Faltin, technical consultant from Brillux, is also pleased with the enthusiasm of the host. He was regularly found on the construction site to clarify questions and provide practical advice on site. For the music room - the most important room in the house for the drummer Gustav Schäfer - they had come up with an inspiring wall animation that should also create a worthy framework for the band's many prizes and honors: the haptically velvety wall in rust look exudes loft character with a good dose of vintage charm, which was further emphasized by the division into irregularly arranged fields. "I had seen this creative technique before and at Brillux it was the first to speak to me," says Gustav. "I actually knew right awaythat the color would be in perfect harmony with the golden sheen of the prices that I display in front of the wall."

The effect technique rust optics was again achieved with the filler Creativ Tenero 84, here in gold, and the dispersion glaze Creativ Viviato 72. "With this finish, the structures can be teased out and emphasized even further," says Dominik Faltin. Finally, with blown coffee powder - personally applied by the owner Gustav Schäfer under the expert guidance of the painters - the edges of the fields were emphasized and the look of corroded iron plates was perfected.

Master Bedroom: sleep-in metal structure technology Concento

Another fully trendy creative technology with a special depth effect refines the bedroom at Schäfer: the metal structure technology Concento creates a structured surface that combines shine with matt contrasts. In the master bedroom in Magdeburg it runs as a broad accent band from the ceiling over a wall surface. "The metallic, golden filler is applied to a gray base color so that it really comes into its own," Dominik Faltin points out. The Neppe painter designed the visual highlight with the Creativ Granulato 71 emulsion paint perfectly matched to the effect. The typical coarse surface was created in several spatulas and then glazed twice with the decorative effect paint Creativ Lucento 83.

Gustav Schäfer's conclusion:

"At Brillux I simply got to know a well-rehearsed team that works hand in hand and also offers a huge range of products: from insulation plugs to flooring," emphasizes the musician and continues: "The people from the Neppe painting company also have great Job done. They not only made the walls white, but also plastered and filled, implemented the complete facade design, carried out the creative techniques, installed the TuneLight system and laid the design floor. I am more than satisfied with the end result and it has created a place for me and my family where we just feel good.”

In the video: step-by-step instructions

Creative techniques are a clear case for experts - Gustav also experiences this when he painstakingly tries to structure the basic color shade in the bedroom: "Nope no, that is not so easy for me - I will continue to be a musician!" But obviously he is enjoying himself very much about the results that the professional painters bring to his home. The entire route to his dreamlike bungalow is available as a six-part video series on YouTube. Processing videos for all techniques used in Magdeburg can also be seen there and on the Brillux website.

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