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Rust Look In Industrial Style

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Rust Look In Industrial Style
Rust Look In Industrial Style

Video: Rust Look In Industrial Style

Video: Rust Look In Industrial Style
Video: Moderns masters 5. Rusted Iron Finish 2023, April

The combination of two MagicTouch colors from ZERO creates surfaces in industrial style.

The easily filling material is absolutely odorless and plasticizer-free. Due to its water vapor diffusion ability, it is also perfectly suitable for wet rooms.

Processing steps:

The surface must be a suitable surface for emulsion paints: Q2 - Q3 surface quality.

Rust technology consists of two shades of MagicTouch, which are required in equal parts / quantities: 330-M and 370-M.

Pre-fill the surface with one of the two colors and let it dry.

Then place a batch of material from each of the two containers on the trowel and spread it up and down on the surface. Unlike the typical stain filler, a little more material remains on the surface. Place chunks on the trowel again and again and distribute accordingly. If the material is pulled off too sharply on the surface, the shimmer is too high. It is important to ensure that the ratio of the two colors matches. A rust-like surface is to be created that resembles natural rust formation.

In the case of transitions, for example when moving the conductors, it can happen in the partial areas of the overlapping layers of material that the previously applied material tears open slightly on the surface. This is typical of the material and also matches the rust look. These areas can also be easily modeled in the style of rust-typical surface porosity.

After these two operations, no further operation is required. If required, the darker color 330-M can also be used to create coarse rust structures on the surface. For this purpose, a piece is placed on the trowel and pressed onto the desired area by pressing it flat. The flat pressing of the material should be repeated until the haptic rust structure is reached.

Source: ZERO

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