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Thought Around The Corner
Thought Around The Corner

Video: Thought Around The Corner

Video: Thought Around The Corner
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An L-shaped mounting bracket enormously facilitates the attachment of medium-weight and heavy attachments, such as railings, folding or sliding shutters, to thermally insulated facades. It has two mounting surfaces on which the screw positioning along the mounting axis is variably possible. In addition, the mounting bracket can be shortened to fit the insulation thickness.

Author: Susanne Sachsenmaier-Wahl | Photos: EJOT

Fastening medium-weight and heavy objects, such as French balconies, window or sliding shutters to ETICS facades, is often a challenge for the craftsman due to the different requirements (load-bearing capacity, sealing and avoidance of thermal bridges).

A new mounting bracket made of rigid polyurethane foam for the planned attachment of add-on parts to ETICS systems should now make the assembly of add-on parts much easier for the user.

Two mounting surfaces

"A special feature of the Iso-Corner are the two mounting surfaces on only one element on the leg and front side," explains René Achenbach, ETICS product manager at EJOT. “There is therefore a usable fastening surface on both the side of the leg and the front of the angle projection. Specifically, this means that railings, e.g. for French balconies, can be installed both inside the reveal and on the facade surface. Variable screw positioning on the mounting axis is possible on both mounting surfaces. It is unique that a single but also two screws can be used here, which is necessary, for example, when fastening French balconies. In addition, only with Iso-Corner is a load transfer at a distance (bridging e.g. Plaster layers) can be mapped to the component surface in accordance with the approval,”adds Carina Grebe, Head of Market Management Dowels & Assembly Elements internationally at the manufacturer.

Flexible application

The mounting bracket is suitable for insulation layers between 80 and 300 millimeters, regardless of the type of thermal insulation composite system. René Achenbach explains why this is possible with a slim product range of only three different variants (140, 200 and 300 millimeters radius): “The Iso-Corner is available in three lengths and can be cut to the appropriate insulation thickness after installation of the ETICS Cut to length using a saw (e.g. a jigsaw) flush with the surface of the insulation material. Elaborate reworking is not necessary, emphasizes Carina Grebe: "The main advantage over conventional assembly elements is that time-consuming reworking, such as sanding or filling the angle, is not necessary."

With the help of a special screw set consisting of two stainless steel screws, the attachments are securely screwed directly into the PU mounting bracket. “The special screw Delta-PT is used to fasten the add-on part for the approval-relevant application. It enables direct screwing into the mounting bracket, additional special tools or work steps, such as setting a threaded sleeve or cutting threads, are not necessary,”says René Achenbach, highlighting the other advantages of the new mounting bracket.

Secure anchoring in the underground

Before the attachment of the attachment is due, the mounting bracket must be securely attached to the surface. "Secure fastening not only involves mounting the add-on part on the Iso-Corner, but also fastening the mounting bracket to the ground," emphasizes René Achenbach. “Three fastening kits to choose from are specially tailored to the individual substrates and guarantee secure fastening in any building material. In combination with the new T-Fast screw, an approved fastening on wooden substructures is also possible, which extends the range of applications and makes the fastening element an all-rounder,”adds Carina Grebe.

If the suitable mounting kit for the wall former is selected, you determine the position of the mounting bracket and attach it taking into account the manufacturer's instructions (hole depth and diameter, etc.). If all mounting angles are set, the facade insulation panels can be installed. The precisely cut mounting bracket can thus be optimally integrated into the ETICS system.

After completion of the facade work, the add-on parts can be installed non-positively and almost without thermal bridges.

A processing video is available here: