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Step Module. TRBS Compliant

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Step Module. TRBS Compliant
Step Module. TRBS Compliant

Video: Step Module. TRBS Compliant

Video: Step Module. TRBS Compliant
Video: 3 in 1 | Автоматический регулируемый Step Up-Step Down модуль от ICStation.com 2023, April

Steps instead of rungs: This is the rule if ladders are used not only for ascent, but also as a workplace. Günzburger Steigtchnik has therefore developed the new MaxxStep step module. This means that rung ladders are also TRBS-compliant and can be used for working at heights

The module can be attached easily, quickly and above all without tools and is available in different sizes. For added slip resistance, the module can also be equipped with clip-step and clip-step R13 footrests from Günzburg.

“As an innovation and technology leader for climbing technology, it goes without saying that we react as quickly as possible to changes in the regulations. We have already succeeded in this with our new ladder innovations. We have had TRBS-compliant solutions in our product range since the beginning of 2019. With the MaxxStep step module, we are now adding more and now offering users the extra level of occupational safety for rung ladders,”says Ferdinand Munk, Managing Director of Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH.

MaxxStep: Tool-free assembly

The MaxxStep step module can be attached to almost any rung ladder from Günzburg. To be able to work on these TRBS-compliant, one of the new modules from the quality manufacturer is sufficient. According to TRBS 2121 Part 2, the user must then use a step module as a standing step for all work at height. If necessary, the innovation moves on the ladder: Because it can be attached so easily, quickly and without tools that - if the user wants to reach a different working height - it can be taken to the next rung very practically and flexibly. The step module can also be used on various rung ladder models.

The novelty from Günzburg is available in different sizes, meets the requirements of the DIN EN 131-2 standard and is protected by the utility model. MaxxStep is fastened with double clamping screws including an ergonomic star grip, which ensure maximum stability. The screws are firmly connected to the step module via a securing device so that they cannot fall down or get lost.

The new MaxxStep step module ensures maximum occupational safety in practice and should therefore be included in the occupational safety bonus program of the BG for the construction industry. Users can then receive grants when purchasing MaxxStep.

clip-step for optimal slip resistance

For extra slip resistance, MaxxStep can be equipped with the slip-resistant step pads clip-step and clip-step R13 from Günzburger Steigtchnik on request. The latter even meets the strict requirements of the highest rating group for slip resistance R13 and thus ensures a safe step and comfortable stand on the ladder even in wet, oil-smeared and dusty work areas.

Regardless of the new MaxxStep step module, there are additional requirements to be observed when using ladders as a workplace, as Managing Director Ferdinand Munk points out. For example, TRBS 2121 Part 2 also limits the height of the stand for work on ladders to a maximum of five meters. In addition, the top three rungs or steps must remain free for leaning ladders. With stepladders, they are the top two.

Added value in terms of quality, safety and handling

“We are known for the fact that we react particularly quickly to changes in the regulations and that we do not compromise on the quality of our innovations. Therefore, with the new MaxxStep step module, we also meet the certified certificate of origin 'Made in Germany' and offer a 15-year quality guarantee. In terms of high quality, safety and handling, we offer users real added value,”Munk emphasizes.


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