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Refurbishing Tiles: With Tile Paint For A New Look

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Refurbishing Tiles: With Tile Paint For A New Look
Refurbishing Tiles: With Tile Paint For A New Look

Video: Refurbishing Tiles: With Tile Paint For A New Look

Video: Refurbishing Tiles: With Tile Paint For A New Look
Video: Painting Ceramic Tile - Easily update your old tub—without remodeling! | Hometalk 2023, April

The path to a new look does not have to be expensive and time-consuming. The aged bathroom can be designed simply and modernly with a high-quality tile lacquer. Bathroom renovation is guaranteed to succeed in nine steps!

Baths from the 1970s may have their charm for some. However, most would rather say goodbye to the green, blue or pink tiles from the old days. Many people shy away from a tedious and expensive complete bathroom renovation. Nevertheless, they would like to give their oasis of wellbeing a contemporary look.

With tile paint for a new look

Painters and artisans can offer their customers a quick and easy solution. You can easily paint over old tiles with a new universal 2K PU multilayer coating from. This method is particularly recommended if the old tiles are not damaged.

Application professional Korbinian Schmauss shows you step by step how you can help your customers regain new tile delights:

Masking and dismantling

First, the tiles must be exposed as much as possible: remove the mirror cabinet, curtains, towel holder and fittings. Washbasin, bathtub, toilet and other devices that cannot be removed are covered with a tarpaulin. Mask out sockets, fixed fittings and window sills with masking tape and additionally lay covering fleece over the floor.

Clean tiles thoroughly

For painting, the tiles must be clean, dry, free of dust and grease. Use a dusting brush and water to clean the tiles. Then wet the bath surfaces with the Adler degreaser, clean them with an abrasive fleece and wipe with water after about ten minutes.

Mix tile paint

Now put on the appropriate protective clothing - breathing mask, safety glasses and gloves. Then mix the two components of the 2K PU multilayer together and wait ten minutes before you start.

Paint tiles

Paint the corners and hard-to-reach areas, such as under the windowsill, with a solvent-resistant brush. Then the entire tile surface, including the joints, is rolled with a paint roller made of solvent-resistant microfiber.

Intermediate sanding and second coat

After a drying phase of around six hours, lightly sand the bathroom tiles with a sponge (220–240 grit). As a result, bumps disappear. Now paint the tiles a second time with the Adler tile paint. It is best to remove the covering material at the transition to the painted surfaces immediately afterwards.

After a renewed drying time of 8 to 12 hours, the paint is dust dry. Adequate curing is only achieved after about three days.

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