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Gori Thick Film Glaze With Fast Drying Technology

Gori Thick Film Glaze With Fast Drying Technology
Gori Thick Film Glaze With Fast Drying Technology

Video: Gori Thick Film Glaze With Fast Drying Technology

Video: Gori Thick Film Glaze With Fast Drying Technology
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Processors of the new "Gori 190 X-TREM DS" thick-layer glaze should benefit from the "Fast Drying Technology" (FDT), which is already used in the "Sigma Xpress" coating system. Frank Heimann, Head of Application Technology at PPG Coatings Deutschland GmbH, explains the technological background.

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PPG has been using Fast Drying Technology (FDT) since 2015. "Sigma Xpress" with FDT has been going through the roof since its market launch, says your sales department. From your point of view, how much of the success does “fast drying technology” have?

Frank Heimann: I believe that technology accounts for at least 80 percent of product success. The painter today needs efficient, economical and safe systems. With the "Sigma Xpress" paint z. B. Base, intermediate and final coating can be done on the same day. The result is a coating with which the painter can inspire. Even when high-performance paint and glaze systems come at a price, they are preferred by professionals. With the thick-film glaze "Gori 190 X-TREM DS" another product with "Fast Drying Technology" comes onto the market that has a high quality coating.

What distinguishes the thick layer glaze?

Frank Heimann: With this, the painter creates a transparent, UV and weather-resistant and water vapor permeable coating that optimally underlines the aesthetics of the wood. The "Fast Drying Technology" ensures that the binder crosslinks quickly in the drying phase and thus enables the solvent-containing alkyd resin glaze to be dried uniquely. "Gori 190 X-TREM DS" is grip and rainproof after two hours. After six hours, windows can be painted over or closed again. This means that two coats of paint can be carried out in one day, which means greater planning security and economy. Even when the weather is dry for just a few hours, the painter creates at least one coat of paint with the new solvent-based thick-layer glaze based on alkyd resin thanks to the quick drying process. If the weather is right, he can do two coats in one day. This saves a second trip.

What does the term "Fast Drying Technology" mean?

Frank Heimann: With the “FDT”, we have succeeded in developing a chemically modified, pre-activated alkyd resin binder that improves drying without making it difficult to apply a varnish or a thick-layer glaze. Thanks to the pre-activation of a chemically modified alkyd resin, the absorption of oxygen, the activation and the cross-linking of the alkyd resin take place simultaneously and much faster after the solvent has evaporated. As a result, "Gori 190 X-TREM DS" dries much faster than conventional thick-layer glazes. The desired degree of gloss is also achieved after 24 hours. In addition, the coating becomes less brittle and is more durable than a coating that was created with a glaze using conventional binders.

How does this affect the painter during processing?

Frank Heimann: What is important for the painter when processing a glaze or varnish is a very long open time, so that the product can be processed and run smoothly even on larger areas. The thick-layer glaze was designed accordingly. The solvent contained should then evaporate as quickly as possible so that the chemical hardening of the coating can be initiated. The "FDT" ensures exactly this. The processor initially benefits from the suppleness of a thick layer glaze based on alkyd resin and its long open time. After application and course of the glaze, an accelerated drying process.

The processing of "Gori 190 X-TREM DS" is identical to that of other glazes?

Frank Heimann: Basically yes. Painters achieve an even and seamless glaze image. The processing properties enable quick and clean work. With this thick-layer glaze, a painter creates a highly transparent, UV and weather-resistant and water-vapor-permeable coating that underlines the grain of the wood.

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