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Collect And Control Material Information Company-wide

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Collect And Control Material Information Company-wide
Collect And Control Material Information Company-wide

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Granta MI: Workflow enables companies to manage not only the material information but also the necessary internal work processes. This ensures that information can be requested, collected, checked and released in a controlled manner.

Task related activities

Many companies define special work processes, e.g. B. to ensure that material information is available consistently and comprehensibly in the system. These processes are based on defined steps, the results of which must be approved by a qualified person.

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Due to the increasing spread of material information management, these processes go beyond material teams and affect engineers and designers as well as employees from purchasing, manufacturing and environmental protection departments. It is therefore all the more important to control who does what and when. MI: Workflow enables this by means of a user interface with simple masks and task-related activities.

User-specific actions

MI: Workflow enables users to implement to-do lists, email notifications, approval sequences, moderation requests and other user-specific actions. The tool guides users who access a material database or provide information through the system, so that only the actions that are relevant for the respective user are carried out.

The system is supported by a workflow designer tool and a flexible engine, which ensure that the rules for all work processes are observed. Including a form tool for creating specific user guides. One of the most important functions is the resulting “Audit Trail”, a report about who carried out which process steps and when.

Controlled processes

A typical application is the processing of material test requests, in which the engineers request test data, laboratory managers plan and prioritize the tasks and, in turn, other employees release the resulting design data and make it available to a larger group of users. Depending on their position, users see the workflows that they are allowed to initiate, review, and approve, and receive notifications that prompt them to take action or confirm successful execution.

Another workflow enables users to enter comments or knowledge about a material with a simple drag-and-drop function for files and images. These entries are checked and released before they are published. The controlled processes overcome one of the greatest barriers in the collection and linking of material information, and created a single, central and traceable source for all material knowledge that can be used company-wide. (mz)

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