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Transponder Safety Switch Pushes Tamper Attempts

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Transponder Safety Switch Pushes Tamper Attempts
Transponder Safety Switch Pushes Tamper Attempts

Video: Transponder Safety Switch Pushes Tamper Attempts

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Video: Tutorial from SICK: How to choose the right safety switch 2023, January

Depending on the coding level, machine manufacturers can now do without additional assembly measures, e.g. B. on concealed mounting, mounting out of reach or an additional lock for a plausibility check.

The high protection against manipulation of the STR1 is guaranteed by the available coding types (universal, clear and permanent). It has monitored semiconductor outputs (OSSDs), can be switched individually or in series and fulfills performance level PL e (EN ISO 13849). It has a compact Vistal housing that ensures high mechanical strength.

High machine availability

The high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) also makes the safety switch robust and ensures high machine availability. Three different sized actuators, three active sensor surfaces and different mounting directions on the actuator offer almost unlimited mounting options and make the STR1 very flexible and easy to integrate.

Since one sensor is suitable for different applications, the user benefits from reduced storage. The LED status display enables quick diagnosis and thanks to the series connection of up to 30 sensors, the STR1 is an economical solution. (jv)

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