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Assembly And Test Lines For One-piece Flow Production

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Assembly And Test Lines For One-piece Flow Production
Assembly And Test Lines For One-piece Flow Production

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The trend in the markets is towards the individualization of products. This means that smaller and smaller batch sizes are required. Manufacturers must be able to react flexibly and economically to this. Minitec has designed a new assembly and test line for one-piece flow production with numerous product variants for such requirements.

Profile construction kit as a basis

The assembly lines are based on the modular system from the German manufacturer, have a modular structure and impress with their effective electronic assembly support. A great advantage is the ease of use: The assembly workstations are well thought out down to the last detail and allow for a very short training period - with maximum quality control. They are therefore suitable for multi-shift operation or for frequently changing operating personnel with flexible personnel deployment.

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Before the start of the job, the worker scans the job number with a barcode scanner, the system immediately shows him which variant it is on the monitor and, at the same time, automatically calls up the appropriate settings for this variant. The control of the line is modular. Minitec software controls all processes in the line, the connection to an ERP system was implemented by the Minitec partner iX-tech. Changes in the assembly process can even be implemented remotely using this configuration with little programming effort. The Scan2Light system (a “pick-by-light system”) also comes from iX-tech, which is characterized by particularly simple programmability and thus flexible use.

From station to station

The functionality and advantages of the assembly and test line shows very well its use in the production of office furniture from a globally active manufacturer: The first station of the line consists of the workpiece provision in a Kanban shelf with Scan2Light displays, the adjustable workpiece holder, the ergonomically arranged Measuring devices and tools. A special feature here are the WLAN cordless screwdrivers used, which wirelessly transmit and log data such as torque and revolutions for each screwdriving process. Only with the "OK" confirmation of the screwdriver is the next assembly step released.

For the first assembly process, an outer and an inner square tube are manually inserted and fixed in a precise clamping device. Then the inside and outside diameters are measured in a partially automated station. Two measuring methods are used: The inductive measuring probe with a resolution of 1µm measures the inside diameter of the rectangular tube, longitudinally and transversely at the same time. The outside diameter is recorded with pneumatic probes. The system automatically calculates the correction dimensions required for tolerance compensation and uses Scan2Light to display the correct Kanban box with the compensation elements. At the same time, the value is displayed on the monitor and logged in the production database.

Camera system records contours and color

A camera system records the contours and the color of a clamped workpiece. In this way, type characteristics of the workpiece and contours are checked for compliance with the specifications of the scanned order. With the 360 ​​degree rotating device, the worker can carry out assembly work on all four sides of the workpiece. The tolerance compensation elements are installed manually in this station.

After approval by the system, the workpiece is transported to the next station. The worker is shown the required assembly steps in sequence on a monitor as required. The Scan2Light system signals the worker with different colored LEDs the Kanban box with the next part to be installed and the correct number of pieces. The quality control of the fully assembled product is carried out in the downstream fully automatic test station and by means of an optical inspection by a camera system. The system transfers the recorded values ​​to its own database. (jv)

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