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One Cable For Control Cabinet, Platform And Drag Chain

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One Cable For Control Cabinet, Platform And Drag Chain
One Cable For Control Cabinet, Platform And Drag Chain

Video: One Cable For Control Cabinet, Platform And Drag Chain

Video: One Cable For Control Cabinet, Platform And Drag Chain
Video: Reliable Cables for Drag Chains 2023, September

So far, stringent regulations and many application standards have often made the wiring of machines in the USA very cumbersome and time-consuming, since many different types of cables have to be used, depending on where they are laid. The new Ölflex Servo FD 7TCE from Lapp complies with various standards. In this way, Lapp wants to enable users to use the same cable from the control cabinet or converter to the cable tray to the machine - even in a moving drag chain. No matter whether for static, flexible or highly flexible use. According to the manufacturer, machine and system builders no longer have to maintain different cable types when using this new cable. This simplifies procurement and warehousing. It is with and without additional control pairs for connection to the brake orTemperature sensors available.

UL listed servo motor cables

The new member of the Lapp portfolio of UL-listed servo motor cables combines numerous properties that, according to the manufacturer, have never existed in this combination. The cable is resistant to UV light, flame-retardant according to FT4 fire test and oil-resistant according to Oil Res I / II. The conductors are made of fine copper wires, which makes the cable particularly flexible and therefore suitable for tight bending radii as can occur in cable trays. And also for use in the energy chain with several million bending cycles. Due to the cross-linked material of the wire insulation, the cable is low in capacity. This minimizes the voltage drop over longer installation distances and reduces unwanted leakage currents on the shield.

For on-site wiring in the United States

Since the Ölflex Servo FD 7TCE is UL-listed as a "TC-ER" platform cable and "Flexible Motor Supply Cable", it can also be wired on site in the field. This is particularly useful for large systems that are delivered in individual parts and only assembled by the user, or for a later system expansion. With cables that are certified according to AWM, this is not permitted by standards; these must be fully installed at the factory during the production of a machine.

For the development of the Ölflex Servo FD 7 TCE, the employees responsible were honored with the Eddie Lapp Award, Lapp's internal innovation award. The new line is now available from stock.

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Seminar tip Special regulations and guidelines apply to the provision of machines in North America. The requirements for CE marking apply only in the European internal market. In the seminar Requirements for the Provision of Machines in North America, starting from Europe, the complementary regulations in North America as well as corresponding market approval procedures are presented.

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