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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Video: Merry Christmas

Video: Merry Christmas
Video: Merry Christmas (Rx Beats Trap Remix) 2023, June

Christmas joys are

also available to mechanics down here, or whether

someone may still learn on Christmas Day ?

Our hero, an engineer, thinks it's not that difficult.

A tree and lights would be enough, and the crib a little simpler.

Our hero quickly jumps on his horse, packs up what does not defend himself, saw, ropes, beams, stick, which resulted in mechanics.

Then they ride into the forest

and cut out a little tree.

And that's what we call after the ride -

exactly: the knight's cut.

After the cut, it is imperative to apply

all the strength, and the engineer, great, has pockets of it too.

But a stiff wind blows, and the tree even falls quickly, because the tree was - realized grimly -

kinematically indefinite.

Our hero, now a little spicy, was just fixated on strength.

Had, and that was presumptuous, forgotten the moments.

The question arises where the tree is already, how it gets it home.

And then notices very elegantly, friction? I do not know.

Defines his tree, so, yes you hardly believe it, as a frictionless' problem.

Then pull him there very easily.

And when you get home, you

quickly lose your strength: It

turns out to be the opposite, what is called the free cut.

Is it tacked now, glued?

Imprisoned or interwoven?

Is it screwed or riveted? -

Wonders who offers what else:

Free to cut is not difficult, but the opposite is very likely.

Our hero knows

that a tree is being clamped, this time try to hurry

to distribute moments.

Then candles on the tree, balanced, beautiful to look at, have to pay attention to lever arms

and not overload the tree.

For the crib, because it pleases, a framework is made.

Which, if you take it correctly, is

completely statically indefinite.

But that doesn't bother us all the time

and is therefore not necessary.

Another mulled wine with something in it, and then that's enough.

A happy festival to all of

you, that you can have

a good time, and a happy new year, that's almost there now.

In the end 'the string of lights, because you would like it too:

it hangs in the shape, in the end:

Cosínus hyperbolicus!

The editorial team of construction practice wishes you a merry Christmas
The editorial team of construction practice wishes you a merry Christmas

* Institute for Mechanics, TU Berlin

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