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Robotics, Sustainability And Green Packaging At Logimat

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Robotics, Sustainability And Green Packaging At Logimat
Robotics, Sustainability And Green Packaging At Logimat

Video: Robotics, Sustainability And Green Packaging At Logimat

Video: Robotics, Sustainability And Green Packaging At Logimat
Video: Syntegon's robotic system solutions | Automate your production 2023, June

Update March 5: The fair has since been canceled. The next Logimat will take place in 2021.

The trade fair for intralogistics Logimat is still to take place. We take a look at what can be seen at the fair, which takes place in Stuttgart from March 10th to 12th.

Hall 2: Robot and logistics for the first time

Topics this year include driverless transport vehicles (AGVs), cobots and order picking robots in intralogistics. This year, Hall 2 has its own exhibition area for the first time on the latest developments in robotics. The current figures from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) show just how relevant the topic is for logistics: more than one in four robots sold in 2018, 110,700 units, belonged to the logistics systems category. These include driverless transport vehicles (AGVs), order picking robots and mobile grippers.

What you can see in Hall 2:

  • DPM Daum + Partner (Hall 2, Stand A05 and A02): The exhibitor shows the AGV Vision E for up to three tons of payload. The conveyor is designed for use in automobile production.
  • Grenzebach Maschinenbau (Hall 2, Stand D05): Grenzebach will be showing, among other things, the new AGV L1200S with increased driving range monitoring. The system detects larger objects and automatically adjusts the detection to the speed and loading of the AGV.
  • DS Automotion (Hall 2, Stand D04): DS Automotion shows the driverless high-lift truck "Amadeus" with ToF camera for 3D object protection and the undercarriage "Oscar Omni" in action at the stand.
  • Norcan (Hall 2, Stand D41): Norcan shows the newest member of its collaborative robot family Sherpa. The robot moves completely autonomously and is aimed primarily at e-commerce companies.
  • Serva Transport Systems (Hall 2, Stand D11): Serva Transport Systems shows the underride AGV VIA and the autonomous forklift ARI with omnidirectional drive.
  • Mobile Industrial Robots (Hall 2, Stand D25): The focus at Mobile Industrial Robots is the new transport robot MIR 1000 with a payload of 1,000 kg. The new model is designed for the automated transport of small components up to the transport of heavy loads.
  • E&K Automation (Hall 2, Booth B05 and C07) The exhibitor shows the new, fully automated Vario Move pallet stacker with variable vehicle concept, maintenance-friendly design and a significantly extended life cycle.

Which exhibitor comes to Logimat?

All exhibitors mentioned in the article come to Logimat according to the list of exhibitors (as of March 3). As the organizer assured us on request, the list of exhibitors is updated regularly.

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Sustainable packaging and climate-friendly solutions

Against the background of the demand for "green", "sustainable" and "climate neutrality", leading manufacturers of packaging machines and solutions are showing their latest developments in halls 4 and 6.

What you can see in halls 4 and 6:

  • Antalis Verpackungen (Hall 4, Stand C71): Consultant for sustainable packaging concepts, safe product protection and optimization of existing intralogistics concepts, shows among other things his “Rethinking Packaging” concept.
  • Duo Plast (Hall 4, Stand C35): Presented with “Duo Plast Earth No. 4 “a stretch film made of post-consumer recyclate.
  • Kern (Hall 4, Stand G70): The exhibitor shows the individually adjustable packing system Pack On Time. The system uses recycled cardboard and makes additional filling materials unnecessary. Single and multiple items are measured using the 3D process and then placed in a precisely fitting packaging.
  • Bartsch International (Hall 6, Stand G21): The focus is on the RFP box made of ecological packaging material for fast packaging.
  • BVS packaging systems (entrance area east, stand 03): The exhibitor shows Pure Paper Pak, an environmentally friendly packaging made from industrial starch (potatoes), paper fibers and water, which is 100 percent organically produced and completely biodegradable.
  • Kraus Maschinenbau (East Entrance, Stand ES50): Shows a newly developed, automatic packaging machine with which environmentally friendly paper bag packaging can be used for online trading.
  • Cabka Group (Hall 6, Stand C21) The exhibitor shows the latest generation of the foldable large load carrier Cabcube as well as the new CP3 and CP9 light and robust, container-optimized chemical pallets.
  • Georg Utz (Hall 6, Stand F51): Presents the new, climate-neutral reusable packaging UIC, which stands for high quality secondary raw materials with documented and certified properties. This gives customers the opportunity to reduce their own carbon footprint.


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Focus on conveyor technology

The exhibitor group for conveyor technology, shelf and hall construction, storage and operating facilities can be found in halls 1, 3, 5 and 7. Topics are products and solutions for integrated process automation in warehousing, order picking and dispatch manufacturing. The focus of the exhibitions is on solutions and equipment planning that grow with the times for continuously controlled processes with powerful system and conveyor technology components.

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