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Wanted In The Production Fight Against The Virus

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Wanted In The Production Fight Against The Virus
Wanted In The Production Fight Against The Virus

Video: Wanted In The Production Fight Against The Virus

Video: Wanted In The Production Fight Against The Virus
Video: Wolfoo Fights Against Big Viruses - Yes Yes Stay Healthy | Wolfoo Family Kids Cartoon 2023, December

Breathing masks, protective clothing, door handles - the industry is currently switching to the fight against Corona. But what can you and your company do?

Appeal by the EU Commission

More than 250 companies have already confirmed their support, as Mobility goes Additive (MGA) reports. They come from all sectors from automotive to sportswear and bring materials and capacities to the fight against the Corona virus. The European Commission called because masks and valves for breathing masks are scarce. Helpful people can contact the VDI or MGA. Both forward the offers to the EU Commission. At MGA you will also find a PDF with further information on the specifications of the valves and masks. The EU Commission is currently examining the offers already received.

Service provider card for hospitals

Directly via the Ultimaker.com homepage, hospitals can find a service provider in their area as well as service providers where they can offer their support. Hospitals that already have 3D printing designs and know the material specifications can contact contract manufacturers directly. A constantly updated map helps you find 3D printing centers in the area. If a hospital needs help developing parts and resources that are running out or running out, Ultimaker engineers and application engineers will help them develop and design those parts. The part is then printed in the nearest 3D printing center and delivered to the hospital as soon as possible. After examination and approval by the hospital, more of these parts can be manufactured.

Face protection for medical professionals

Stratasys is currently printing face shields. By March 27, 2020, 5,000 face shields are to be manufactured in the United States at no cost to recipients. The face shield consists of a 3D printed frame and a transparent plastic shield that covers the entire face. It is currently being examined how the idea can be transferred to Europe. Every contract manufacturer and service provider who works with additive manufacturing and wants to help print plastic frames can contact Stratasys using the online form. You can find further relief supplies in which you can participate at: stratasys.com/covid-19.

The mediation network

If you are working on Covid 19-related projects and need access to printed 3D parts, you can contact Formlabs. Likewise everyone who has a 3D printer and can use this and his time for the projects against Corona. You can register for the network using a form.

Here are the standards

The Austrian standards institute Austrian Standards now provides the EN standards for the production of personal protective equipment free of charge. DIN, the German standards institute, provides, among other things, the standards for breathing apparatus, eye protection and face protection free of charge.

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