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Non-positive Clamping Sets For A Permanent Drive

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Non-positive Clamping Sets For A Permanent Drive
Non-positive Clamping Sets For A Permanent Drive

Video: Non-positive Clamping Sets For A Permanent Drive

Video: Non-positive Clamping Sets For A Permanent Drive
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Whether in machine tools, wind turbines or in packaging systems: Wherever static, changing or shock-like driving forces act, the use of precisely fitting shaft-hub connections is elementary. They ensure that torques are transmitted between the shaft and the rotating hub without play.

"Depending on the application, the connections have to withstand corrosive environments and strong vibrations or shocks in order to guarantee high machine performance and fail-safe operation," says Sven Karpstein, Sales Manager at KBK Drive Technology. For him, non-positive clamping sets are the solution for an ideal transmission of the torque.

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Very good concentricity

In the case of clamping sets, this transmission takes place via the frictional resistance. Clamping sets with a tapered inner and outer ring are used. When the rings are tensioned, the radius of the outer ring expands, while the radius of the inner ring decreases. A press connection is created between the shaft and the hub. The resulting static friction transmits the torque, the even radial pressure enables very good concentricity. Due to their radial pressure, they avoid notch effects or fretting corrosion and thus disadvantages, which Karpstein says can occur when using feather keys. As a result, the clamping elements from KBK guarantee very good concentricity - "an advantage that predestines them for many applications in drive technology", emphasizes Karpstein.

Sven Karpstein: "Which clamping set is best suited for the individual application depends on the respective requirements for power and torque transmission as well as any axial forces and the available space." Each designer has his own philosophy. "But in applications where high precision is important, self-centering clamping sets are the better choice," he emphasizes.

User meeting mechatronic drive technology

The focus of the user meeting mechatronic drive technology is on the mechanical components of gears, clutches and brakes as well as their design, dimensioning and interaction in the overall mechatronic system.

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The clamping elements ensure high concentricity - without the need for additional centering of the shaft directly on the hub. They are always solvable, dynamically resilient and there is no play. For the sales manager, these clamping elements therefore perform best in a comparison of all shaft-hub connections.

With its range of non-positive shaft-hub connections, KBK Antriebstechnik covers all standards for internal and external clamping sets. If a standard solution is not optimal, the Franconian company from Klingenberg am Main designs every desired dimension to suit the respective application. The wide range includes self-centering and non-self-centering clamping sets, chemically nickel-plated or made of stainless steel. They guarantee a frictional, detachable shaft-hub connection in cylindrical shafts and bores without a key - from the machine tool to the crane system.