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Appropriate Licenses And Support For Working In The Home Office

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Appropriate Licenses And Support For Working In The Home Office
Appropriate Licenses And Support For Working In The Home Office

Video: Appropriate Licenses And Support For Working In The Home Office

Video: Appropriate Licenses And Support For Working In The Home Office
Video: Working at the Home Office 2023, June

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3D printing is used in innovative products for protection against viruses as well as for the production of spare parts and disposable products in medical technology, H&M is now sewing protective clothing and many providers of software and hardware solutions offer support and price advantages for the fast setup of remote workstations.

Remote work

5 tips for working in the home office

Support for working in the home office

The current situation around Corona, quarantine and curfews force many companies to send the staff home. But not everyone is prepared for it - there is a lack of infrastructure or licenses. Data protection also plays an important role in the home office. Many companies currently offer support and quick help - an overview:

  • The calculation expert Mdesign will provide its solution with its full range of functions free of charge until the end of April. Mdesign customers receive their personal Mdesign workplace license with their registered e-mail address (company address). Interested parties can test Mdesign's full range of functions free of charge and without obligation until the end of April. More information is available here.
  • MSC Software, provider of CAE simulation software and services, provides its customers with free offline licenses and remote access options. The offer includes, on the one hand, an expansion of the licenses to enable work from home, or alternative access options to the company's CAE solutions. On the other hand, access to online learning for the CAE solutions is now free.
  • FVA now offers the option of using several FVA Workbench licenses with full functionality for up to two months free of charge. This enables detailed development of entire transmission systems and individual drive elements. The license simply expires after two months; the user only receives a message that it is no longer valid. The software licenses are quickly installed and can be used on home office computers. The free licenses can be obtained from [email protected].
  • Inneo has various bundles and also individual components for an ergonomically and functionally well-equipped home office workplace. compiled - here you will find further information on the home office equipment.
  • With the “First Aid Kit for Successful Distributed Work”, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Usability (KU) want to support small and medium-sized companies in coping with the crisis-related switch to radically decentralized work. The compact handout includes tips and recommendations for a functioning IT infrastructure, a guiding principle and successful virtual communication, and also illuminates the psychological dimension of working from home.
  • Data CAD offers free licenses of Bob-CAD-CAM for the home office. The offer is aimed at old and new customers. The licenses are initially valid for 3 months and will be extended accordingly if necessary. Information by phone at 0671-836210 or by email [email protected]
  • The simulation expert Altair offers its customers, for example, temporary software licenses without additional fees or charges. More information can be found here. In addition, Altair is now offering a free 5-day trial version of the HWUL virtual appliance, including unlimited use of the Altair solver software within the virtual appliance. This enables users to easily execute workloads in the cloud.
  • BCS CAD + IT GmbH offers solutions for the home office at special corona conditions: If additional CAD licenses for Autodesk solutions are required for a limited period, subscriptions are only available for one month or subscriptions during the year. The system house also supports project-related CAD services.
  • With the Work-from-home Special, WS-CAD supports users in making engineering work in their home office possible. There are special prices for WS-CAD network licenses until April 30th. In addition, companies currently offer work-from-home webinars to optimally support users.
  • Eplan's free webinars revolve around Eplan in the home office. If you want to use your EPLAN software in your home office, there are various options. Depending on whether you can take your work computer home and whether or how you can connect to the company network, different requirements must be met. Here you can register for dates on March 25 and 26, 2020.
  • Mobile Zero Clients for Dynabook's home office are immediately ready for use: After a simple initial start-up, Mobile Zero Clients are immediately ready for use without any further personalized setup. All company data is in the cloud. It is accessed via a virtual desktop infrastructure. More information can be found here.
  • Nvidia extends its free virtual GPU software evaluation to 500 licenses for 90 days. This is to enable companies to support their employees in remote locations with GPU-accelerated virtualization. More details in this blog

Additional information on practical tips for data protection and IT security in the home office

  • All customer and employer security requirements must also be observed remotely.
  • Any software used should either be officially provided by the employer or coordinated with the company's system administrators.
  • At home, make sure that the router or the smart home devices used are up to date.
  • If possible, a separate WLAN network should be set up for the computer used for professional purposes (via the home WLAN router).
  • A VPN tunnel makes it possible to securely access the company's IT infrastructure remotely.
  • When making calls and video chats, make sure that no one is listening to unauthorized persons. Because, of course, the company secret must also be kept remotely.
  • The smart speakers in the immediate vicinity of the remote workstation should be exhibited as a precaution.
  • In order to protect the computer screen from unauthorized glances, there are suitable privacy films to stick on in specialist shops.
  • Last but not least, the family environment should be sensitized not to pass on professional information outside, especially children.

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