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Excellent Life Cycle Assessment

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Excellent Life Cycle Assessment
Excellent Life Cycle Assessment

Video: Excellent Life Cycle Assessment

Video: Excellent Life Cycle Assessment
Video: Life Cycle Assessment 2023, November

The hemp facade insulation Capatect Natur + was also a complete success at BAU 2017 in Munich.

Andreas Kamp, Head of Marketing Facade and Insulation Technology at Caparol, was happy about this, given the advantages of natural facade insulation. With the development of the hemp fiber insulation boards, building owners have for the first time effective thermal insulation available, which convinces with regional, ecological production, a positive carbon dioxide balance throughout the entire manufacturing process and a sustainable overall concept.

With this ecological insulation alternative, Caparol has a unique position in the market. Their low thermal conductivity makes insulation boards made of hemp fibers the ideal exterior wall cladding for buildings. The living comfort increases and the heating energy requirement decreases measurably through the insulation measure. “Hemp on the house is the perfect combination of ecology and high-tech. There is practically nothing that you couldn't do better with hemp than with any other insulation material,”Caparol specialist Volker Tank is convinced.

A prime example of how well hemp can be used in the house is the recently completed energy-efficient refurbishment of six single-family houses built in a row in Nuremberg-Gartenstadt: in the second half of the 1920s, they were built as accommodations for people without great comfort; Its architecture and the layout of the rooms were recognized to be progressive, but at that time it was still a long way from an insulating building shell.

Since then, however, the needs of residents and expectations of comfort, healthy living, protection from winter cold, summer heat protection and the technical equipment of apartments and houses have changed enormously. The Gartenstadt Nürnberg eG has therefore decided to carry out the due renovation of the facades of initially six listed buildings with the natural insulation material hemp or the Capatect Natur + system. 100 mm thick hemp insulation boards were professionally attached to the outer walls, then coated with mineral plaster and attractively designed with Caparol Thermosan facade paint NQG. The residents like the result as much as those responsible for the Gartenstadt Nürnberg eG,who are planning the facade insulation of other existing buildings with the Capatect System Natur +.

Relaxing living

In addition to the noticeable increase in comfort in the room shortly after installation and the unmistakable visual enhancement of the house, facade insulation with hemp insulation boards has another benefit that is worth experiencing: The Capatect Natur + system is a real treat for the ears, since street noise in the encased building is perceived only greatly reduced. This makes the new hemp insulation from Caparol the ideal choice in densely populated residential areas and property locations that are within walking distance of airports, railroad tracks, highways and similar noise sources. Further information is available on the Internet at www.hanf-daemmt-gruener.de.

Investing in sustainability: The housing association Gartenstadt Nürnberg eG has decided to energetically renovate listed buildings with the ecological facade insulation system Capatect Natur +. The result is impressive across the entire surface. The insulation system significantly reduces the energy requirements of the buildings as well as the fuel consumption in winter. This benefits the climate and optimizes the comfort in the house for several decades

Ecologically exemplary: The insulation board consists of completely recyclable hemp fibers and offers very good sound insulation. The good insulating properties of the material and the impressive ecological balance are also remarkable. Hemp stores more carbon dioxide than is released into the atmosphere for cultivation, harvesting, processing and transportation.

Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz