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Video: DAW At BAU

Video: DAW At BAU
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Four brands, one inspiring appearance: joint exhibition stand by Caparol, alsecco, Disbon and Lithodecor

Eight columns, each five meters high, made up of Euro pallets, protrude from the fair like lighthouses. They are equipped with exhibits and mark the corners and sides of the 250 square meter exhibition stand of the DAW brands Caparol, alsecco, Disbon and Lithodecor at BAU 2017 in Munich. The rough wooden pallets and partly rusty T-beams, which support the second stand level, still come from the BAU 2015 exhibition stand. As far as possible, existing and reusable materials were used to continue the “rough and recycled” concept.

Under the motto “sustainable. inspiring.”the four DAW brands presented innovative products for facades, walls, ceilings and floors at their joint stand. Tables in the shape of a plus symbol symbolize this PLUS concept. “It shows that with our four sales companies we can assist project partners in all phases and for all tasks when realizing a construction project. From the first idea to the successful completion of the project, you get all services from a single source, benefit from the cross-trade know-how of our four brands and can implement your design ideas in high quality - a real added value,”says Maic Auschrat, head of DAW object management. The PLUS concept was also reflected in a high-quality brochure with numerous top references, which was distributed at the exhibition stand.

The DAW trade fair team presented itself well-positioned at the world's leading trade fair BAU in Munich in January.

Four color worlds as inspiration

There, the new Caparol color trends 2017 caused a sensation, which the Color Design Studio (FDS) presented for the design of interiors: 28 colors that can be combined with each other harmoniously. From 16 main shades, the color experts developed four color worlds that were well received by the specialist audience. "The intense royal blue turned out to be a real eye-catcher, which can be beautifully combined with pastel tones that are also on the rise," explains color designer Eva Helterhoff, while Axel Voelcker, head of digital marketing, withstands the rush and many interested people virtually into Caparol - immerses the color world. You could experience the trend and all other collections in 3D using the SPECTRUM design software. "I think that's a promising method,to make surface designs and room impressions come alive in the planning phase. This makes it easier for decision-makers to choose the materials, colors and structures,”a master painter enthusiastically stated after testing the equipment:“It was inspiring.”

From royal blue and the FDS it wasn't far to the “green corner” of the booth. There, marketing manager (FDT) Andreas Kamp and project manager Volker Tank informed about the hemp facade insulation system Capatect Natur +, right at the beginning of BAU at the BAKA Award of the Federal Association for Old Building Renewal by Federal Minister of Construction Dr. Barbara Hendricks received an award. Product management manager Wolfgang Hoffmann meanwhile addressed visitors who want to address environmentally conscious, lifestyle-oriented customers with the new CapaGeo product line. These are premium quality interior dispersions, varnishes and glazes, the binders of which are made from 100 percent renewable raw materials - "without loss of quality in terms of surface finish and processing", Hoffmann assures: "With CapaGeo we want to increase the proportion of environmentally friendly coatings and that conserve precious and limited resources on our planet.”Caparol Managing Director Dr. According to Tony Horneff, CapaGeo is at the beginning of a development:"In the coming years we will continue to push this concept and gradually expand our product range."

With regard to facade protection, Caparol presented the latest state of the art with NQG³. We have consistently developed the nano-quartz grid technology (NQG). Intelligent moisture management enables the facade to dry even faster,”explained Dr. Johannes Westmeier from DAW Research and Development. NQG³ ensures that facades stay clean longer, that algae and fungi have little chance and that long-term color stability is guaranteed.

Eva Helterhoff from Caparol-FarbDesignStudio (left) informed about the new color trends for 2017 for interiors.

Functional facades in focus

Alsecco focused on the expanded range of alsecco functional facades. Resistant and stable facade insulation systems are being used more and more. In addition to their functionality, they impress with the diverse design options. Whether natural stone, clinker, porcelain stoneware, ceramic and glass or also plasters in elegant full tones or extremely dark plaster facades - there are almost no limits to the design scope for different architectural requirements,”emphasizes Jörg Lamprecht, Head of Advertising and Communication at alsecco.

Many passersby were amazed when they looked at a naturally aged, weathered clinker brick facade with efflorescence - made from new straps from the Edition Klinker from the design line. On the other hand, a shiny glass mosaic, milky white, surprised with a series of colored squares and interspersed tiles that show an impressive depth. Coatings with a mica effect or the Spar Dash system, a facade splintered with glass and stone, also proved to be inspiring. This also applies to cleverly illuminated facades, which integrated light strips give profile. Last but not least, visually convincing designs succeed with decor profiles. Any historical or old profile can be reworked using a 3D scanner and CNC milling machine.which is very nice to see on facades like the Steigenberger Hotel in Dresden and other houses around the Frauenkirche.

Under the guidance of Axel Voelcker, Head of Digital Marketing at Caparol, many interested people immersed themselves in the Caparol color world. Special glasses, a console and a projector led them into virtual rooms. In it they could walk around freely without moving their legs. The surfaces of the floor, wall, ceiling and furniture can be changed in terms of materials, structures and colors with a click of the mouse on an image selection.

Alsecco facade expertise

The Meldorfer flat facing bricks are decorative and functional. They have a clinker look, but are not considered a classic hard covering. The advantage: They are regulated by the building authorities like plaster when it comes to fire protection. They are also lighter and do not need to be pegged. “Alsecco The Facade Expertise” is less about building the facade. “Any insulation can be attached underneath and of course only plaster. The focus is on design,”explains Jörg Wochner, Managing Director responsible for alsecco and Lithodecor. Alsecco also demonstrated facade expertise with the mineral plaster Alsitop, which is dry in just two days. This means that scaffolding and working hours can be significantly reduced. Boxing gloves invited to test facades for their resistance:Reinforced with carbon fibers, the Alprotect Carbon facade insulation system can absorb shocks of up to 70 joules and successfully defies hail. The carbon-reinforced plinth insulation system is also tough, also when it comes to chemical loads such as road salt. Alsecco presented the Alprotect Aero Free system solution as a facade insulation system without algicidal and fungicidal agents. The system solution achieves its high resistance to algae and fungus growth through innovative sol-silicate technology based on the sol-silicate lightweight plaster Alsilite ecoFree. Alsecco presented the Alprotect Aero Free system solution as a facade insulation system without algicidal and fungicidal agents. The system solution achieves its high resistance to algae and fungus growth through innovative sol-silicate technology based on the sol-silicate lightweight plaster Alsilite ecoFree. Alsecco presented the Alprotect Aero Free system solution as a facade insulation system without algicidal and fungicidal agents. The system solution achieves its high resistance to algae and fungus growth through innovative sol-silicate technology based on the sol-silicate lightweight plaster Alsilite ecoFree.

High speed on the floor

From the facade to the floor, shown on another pillar of the exhibition stand: Disbon presented DisboPUR A 326, a fast-curing, pigmented, two-component reaction resin based on aspartic acid ester. The highlight is that the floor can be walked on again after just 2.5 hours and can be fully loaded after 24 hours: "For quick repairs, for example at production sites, this is a great thing," says Disbon Managing Director Nicolas Blondeau. The new coating is resistant to chemicals and easy to clean. In addition, the traditional manufacturer of building protection products would like to score with its high-quality decorative floor coatings, concrete protection and repair products in residential and administrative buildings.

Lithodecor presented five exhibits of its curtain-ventilated facades on the four sides of a pedestal. The new Litho glass ceramic system hovered above the visitors' heads, a glass plate made from recycled glass, bottles and fragments that are thermally reduced. Spotlights create a pearlescent sheen on the unevenly dense glass plate. Litho Stone appears as a massive stone facade, but is only a few millimeters thick natural stone slab on lightweight concrete. "The attractive natural stones are cut and glued individually by hand," describes Jörg Wochner. This enables formats up to 180 x 4.30 meters in area to be produced. They are up to 60 percent lighter than classic natural stone facades. Decorative are Litho Glass glass facades,Litho Ceramic and Litho Concrete with a puristic concrete surface, which particularly impressed architects. With the plus energy facade Litho Photovoltaic, external walls become small power plants because the solar panels generate electricity.

The four DAW professional brands focused their attention on aesthetics in a convincing manner: They presented an enormous variety of creative surface designs and thus delighted architects, planners and committed tradespeople at BAU 2017. “With our range of services and numerous product innovations, we want to make a decisive contribution to Design sustainable and stable buildings,”said Caparol Managing Director Guido Cruysen. This was done in a convincing way. After an exciting week, trade fair project manager Tobias Becker was able to draw an all-round positive balance: “We have registered extremely high demand these days. Topics such as our hemp insulation are of great interest. I'm glad,that the visitors were enthusiastic about the wide range of services from product innovations to design. The stand concept in the "rough & recycled" look was also extremely well received."

The State Secretary of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety Gunter Adler (right) was also impressed by the conversation with Andreas Neubeck (Head of DAW Property Sales, Germany) and alsecco Managing Director Jörg Wochner (center) with creative coatings, sustainable system solutions and more more services from a single source, the Caparol, alsecco, Disbon and Lithodecor under the motto “sustainable. inspiring.”at BAU 2017 in Munich.

Photos: DAW SE / Caparol