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Metal Meets Concrete

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Metal Meets Concrete
Metal Meets Concrete

Video: Metal Meets Concrete

Video: Metal Meets Concrete
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A metallic coating was applied to 4,500 square meters of aerated concrete on the facade of an industrial hall in Straubing, Bavaria. With the metallic color design, the customer's wish could be fulfilled to optically combine the old aerated concrete building with the nearby, metal-clad new building to form a single unit.

The hall shines noble silvery in the sunlight, on the upper edge a yellow-blue band in the company colors. You could think of a modern metal facade, but the old company headquarters only fakes real metal - the building is made of aerated concrete elements. Only when you look closely can you see the coarse-grained, metal-coated concrete structure,

For the first time on aerated concrete

The first thought was to clad the aerated concrete hall with a metal facade, as in the new building - in tinplate aluminum in the color RAL 9006. Then the people in charge of the Strama-MPS also decided from economic considerations for a metallic, shiny surface design in the color RAL 9006. Before that Management got an idea of the surface of the BMW Museum, which has the same coating. A 40 square meter sample area on the property was able to completely convince and inspire her. The satin-gloss dispersion paint with a metallic effect is perfect for high-quality, weather-resistant effect coatings outdoors. The emulsion paint is film-protected and protected against algae and fungal attack and has proven itself on many objects, but so far not on an aerated concrete surface.“Aerated concrete is a rather critical substrate because it can absorb water in large quantities, for example if the top coating on the wall is damaged. It was therefore important that the coating structure of the aerated concrete facade was as open to diffusion as possible,”explains Markus Wedel, technical product manager at Caparol.

The solution in this case was an intermediate coating with silicone resin facade paint. This is particularly suitable for the renovation of load-bearing old aerated concrete coatings. It offers good moisture protection with high water vapor and sufficient CO2 passage. If thinned a little, the color on rough plaster can even out structures. The coating structure was tested on sample panels and also proved itself on the large sample area on the wall. "Instead of using amphibolin as usual, we were able to keep the sd-value of the coating structure so low with the intermediate coating made of silicone resin that it is also feasible on aerated concrete," explains Wedel. Before the primer was applied, the painters of the Renner painting company from Kirchroth cleaned the entire facade, which was coated with a light gas concrete paint,with high pressure cleaners and free them from algae and fungus. The cleaning and painting work could be carried out from several own aerial work platforms, which the painting company also lends.

Without restructuring

Several painters applied the metallic coating at the same time with the paint roller. “We benefited from the limited field size of the aerated concrete blocks with a height of 60 centimeters, and the usual re-structuring was no longer necessary. We always worked in one direction, and there was an even metal shine,”says master painter Helmut Renner. The coating is usually applied uniformly and distributed transversely, then rolled in one direction in order to ensure the most uniform possible alignment of the metallic pigments, so that the directional metal structure is produced.

“First and foremost it was about a renovation coat and the preservation of the building. Now we have the nice added value of a shiny metallic facade in the company colors, which fits well with the new metal-clad hall and impressively represents our range of work as a metal processing company,”explains Johann Groß, project manager at Strama-MPS. Painter Renner adds: "The hall shines most beautifully in sunny weather, because the metallic shine clearly lives from the incidence of light."