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Video: 60 Years Of ALLIGATOR

Video: 60 Years Of ALLIGATOR
Video: Blues and The Alligator - The First Twenty Years of Alligator Records (1989) [Full documentary] 2023, November

ALLIGATOR FARBWERKE celebrate their 60th company anniversary in 2019.

The company is one of the leading manufacturers in the building coatings sector and successfully produces for the paint wholesaler and the skilled trades. ALLIGATOR has been part of the DAW group of companies from Ober-Ramstadt in southern Hesse since 2003.

Acquired by Rolf Mießner in 1959 as "Leim-Chemie", glue was primarily produced for the furniture industry. The name "ALLIGATOR FARBWERK" was finally born a few years later. Mica flake pigments, which were used in the products at the time and whose appearance was reminiscent of the armor of an alligator, were decisive for the name.

Rolf Mießner acquires the "Leim-Chemie" company based in Herford-Diebrock in 1959.

The core business now includes the production and marketing of paints and plasters. These make up around 80% of sales. Processors can always rely on the constant product quality of ALLIGATOR. The Kieselit and Miropan product families have been established on the market for decades. Products that have been tried and tested over many years, such as Phoenix Matt LEF and lightweight filler coarse LEF, are extremely popular.

Around 130 people are employed in Enger in East Westphalia, where the company is based. In addition, over 50 specialist advisors are on site in Germany for processors and retailers. Most of them are self-trained painters (masters) and know the needs of the target groups.

High-quality colors are filled into the invention of ALLIGATOR: the oval container. Up to 57,000 tons are produced annually.

"ALLIGATOR makes it easy" is and was a promise to the craftsmen to make their work easier. The five core messages that build on the company's strengths also stand for this: Instinctively. Powerful. Structured. Uncompromising. Predictable.