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Classification Of Usage Classes For Mold Remediation

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Classification Of Usage Classes For Mold Remediation
Classification Of Usage Classes For Mold Remediation

Video: Classification Of Usage Classes For Mold Remediation

Video: Classification Of Usage Classes For Mold Remediation
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The UBA mold guide defined four usage classes for rooms. They regulate the requirements for the scope of renovation depending on the use of space for a mold renovation.

Use class I - high requirements

Use class I includes rooms with particularly high hygienic requirements, such as rooms used for medical purposes or rooms in the food sector.

Use class II - normal requirements

This includes interiors and their side rooms in residential buildings, offices or public buildings that are used regularly or not only temporarily. Ancillary rooms are all rooms within apartments or offices that are in an air network. These include, for example, pantries and storage rooms as well as attics, which can be reached from the living level via a staircase.

Use class III - reduced requirements

This applies to rooms outside of normally used rooms, such as garages or cellars with a separate entrance without connection to rooms of usage class II.

Use class IV - significantly reduced requirements

This use class includes airtight or diffusion-tight partitioned components and cavities, which are partitioned off from the interior with suitable materials according to the requirements of DIN 4108-7.

However, walls or floors inside buildings cannot be assigned to utilization class IV by means of partitioning. Such a partitioned component is still a component in a room of usage class II or III. Such a foreclosure is not a professional measure for mold remediation.

Remediation goals

In the case of mold remediation in every usage class, the remedial goal must be agreed with the client in advance. Differentiation of usage classes and reduced requirements for renovation in usage classes III and IV affect the scope of the renovation.

It makes little sense to renovate a basement of use class III in accordance with the hygienic requirements of use class II if it is already certain before the mold is renovated that the hygiene requirements cannot be met due to the construction or the intended use. The reduced requirements for mold remediation in service classes III and IV do not affect the required protective measures (PPE / environmental protection). The required measures according to the hazard class must be observed here.