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Kuka Innovation Award - Application Is Running

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Kuka Innovation Award - Application Is Running
Kuka Innovation Award - Application Is Running

Video: Kuka Innovation Award - Application Is Running

Video: Kuka Innovation Award - Application Is Running
Video: KUKA Innovation Award 2016 - Creating the Future Robotic World 2023, November

Kuka, the specialist for robot-based automation solutions, is focusing on flexible manufacturing in this year's tender. Because the factory of the future has to prepare for the growing requirements that result from the increasing variety of variants and simultaneously falling quantities. This requires versatile production systems and constant communication between the systems involved, which organize themselves based on the data exchanged. These are important characteristics of Industry 4.0.

What does Kuka do to the applicants?

The job of the applicants is to develop an innovative robot application that is geared to the requirements of flexible production. The developed application should be shown in a realistic working environment and support people in direct collaboration in a realistic task. To enable the innovations to be compared fairly, the developments should be implemented on a Kuka LBR iiwa, the sensitive lightweight robot for safe human-robot collaboration. In addition, the robot builder provides the participants with a Kuka Flex Fellow - a flexible robot unit on which the LBR iiwa is mounted. The Flex-Fellow can be put into operation at the required location in the shortest possible time in the event of capacity peaks and resource bottlenecks and take over the desired production steps.

Additional information about the Kuka Innovation Award

Kuka launched the competition to drive innovation in robot-based automation and to promote technology transfer from science to industry.

The award was presented for the first time at Automatica 2014 and focused on the topic of mobile manipulation. The winning team from the University of Zurich showed in their application the collaboration of a quadrocopter with the Kuka You-Bot driving on the ground. The quadrocopter, equipped with a camera, flew autonomously to a certain area, created a map of it and transmitted the information to the You-Bot.

At this year's Hanover Fair, the award went to an Italian research team. In the application shown, man moved the lightweight robot LBR iiwa like his own arm using the sensor-guided exoskeleton, which recognizes the joint angles of the shoulder and elbow. The other way round, the motors of the exoskeleton reproduced the forces that resulted from the interaction of the LBR iiwa with its environment. This enables telepresence and rehabilitation applications to be implemented. Human-robot collaboration was the focus of the Kuka Innovation Award 2015.

Interested researchers and developers can submit their application to Kuka by October 16, 2015. Details on the KUKA Innovation Award, terms of participation, registration procedures and contacts are described in detail on the website

Finale at the Hannover Messe in April 2016

The international jury will announce the finalists on October 26, 2015, who will transfer and perfect their developments over the next six months on the LBR iiwa. At the Hannover Messe in April 2016, the finalists will present their applications to the specialist audience and the expert jury. The ceremonial award ceremony will also take place during the fair on the Kuka stand. (Jup)