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Low Backlash Planetary Gears In High-performance Design

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Low Backlash Planetary Gears In High-performance Design
Low Backlash Planetary Gears In High-performance Design

With the first low backlash SP planetary gearboxes from Wittenstein Alpha in 1983, a new era of decentralized drive technology began. Since then, more than two million low-backlash planetary gears have been produced. The latest high-performance version SP + High Speed, presented at Motek, is suitable for use in applications with maximum requirements for the highest speeds in continuous operation.

Backlash-free galaxy drive system

In spring 2015, Wittenstein made the step from zero backlash to zero backlash with the Galaxie drive system - another highlight among the exhibits at this year's Motek.


Galaxy: New transmission type revolutionizes high-performance mechanical engineering


Wittenstein receives Hermes Award 2015

Planetary gear in a hygienic design

Wittenstein Alpha implemented the requirements of the food processing and packaging industry in 2013 with the world's first hygiene design planetary gear with EHEDG1 certification. They support the hygienic machine construction as well as the safe processing, filling or packaging operation.

Linear actuators with a patented lubrication concept

Converting rotary movements into linear movements is the job of the Cyber Force Motors linear actuators from Wittenstein Cyber Motor. A special feature of these linear actuators with a fully integrated threaded spindle is their patented lubrication concept, which enables the spindle to be relubricated during operation without any maintenance-related downtime of the machine. (sh)