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Understand Dynamic Movements More Easily

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Understand Dynamic Movements More Easily
Understand Dynamic Movements More Easily

Video: Understand Dynamic Movements More Easily

Video: Understand Dynamic Movements More Easily
Video: DYNAMIC OCCLUSION - Working vs. Non-working Movement & Occlusal Grid 2023, April

Securing the desired properties in drives, machines and systems remains a major challenge for calculation engineers in many industries. The behavior of such systems, which is often non-linear in reality, pushes linear design processes to their limits. In addition, it is important to take into account a variety of interactions between different physical principles, which often made numerous prototype tests necessary in the past. If an examination of the real object is not possible or can only be carried out at great expense, the computer-assisted simulation of the system helps. The simulation model simplifies reality and creates conditions that significantly reduce the effort for an examination.

Simulation on the model as precise as necessary, as simple as possible

From the rough to the detail: Once the overall concept has been established, the individual subsystems, components and, if necessary, their controls must be developed. Analogous to the progress in development, rough models with few parameters can be replaced by more detailed models with more precise behavior. The depth of detail to be examined is almost unlimited. The simulation results of the overall model provide information about the loads, the required performance and other requirements for individual components.

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No detailed knowledge of programming is required to set up the simulation model. The engineers in drive development at Emag also had this experience.

Whether turning, milling, laser, gear cutting or grinding machines - Emag has been successfully manufacturing manufacturing systems for precise metal parts for many decades. The development department is increasingly relying on virtual development tools. Emag is currently examining the potential of various concepts of electrically operated chucks with targeted, CNC-controlled clamping force control and clamping jaw adjustment while the main spindle is rotating (Fig. 1). The main focus of the investigation is 3- and 6-jaw chucks with variable clamping centers (center distance between turning center and turning center).

Software closes gaps in knowledge

For this purpose, an additional rotational movement to control the jaw movements is initiated in the rotating main spindle system. These are radially displaceable on a chuck attached to the main spindle. To initiate this relative rotational movement, epicyclic gearboxes (URG) (Figure 2), also called planetary gearboxes, are coupled with one another. Today's drive technology mostly uses URG using its stand translation as a torque converter. The use of coupled URG in machine tools, on the other hand, is not very widespread, which means that designers' imagination about gear kinematics and their knowledge of how to calculate such gear systems decrease significantly. Since a variety of transmission scenarios can be implemented using the technology used,it is also justified in modern machine tools. Engineers therefore use the latest calculation and simulation software to close the knowledge gaps that arise.

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