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Clamps And Brakes Without Moving Parts

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Clamps And Brakes Without Moving Parts
Clamps And Brakes Without Moving Parts

Video: Clamps And Brakes Without Moving Parts

Video: Clamps And Brakes Without Moving Parts
Video: Brake Lever Mounting & Positioning - Drop Bars 2023, April

The new, extremely narrow series LBHS from the Zimmer Group essentially consists of a patented unibody housing that contains no pistons, springs or other moving and therefore wear-prone parts.

Base body changes shape slightly

How does the new brake element work? In the housing block, oil ducts and cutouts are specifically made by wire EDM. If hydraulic oil is applied to this base body, it spreads slightly, thereby releasing the slide on the linear axis. If the hydraulic pressure drops, the base body returns to its original shape and thereby presses the two brake shoes against the linear axis.

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The LBHS therefore remains closed when depressurized and thus offers an integrated emergency function, which ensures that moving components stop safely in the event of pressure loss or if a system fails.

Available in seven sizes

The product celebrated its premiere at the international trade fair Motek 2015 in Stuttgart. From April 2016, the LBHS series will be available on the market with a choice of seven sizes, replacing the previous KBHS series. The rail width of the different variants ranges from 20 mm to 65 mm

In addition to the narrow / low-profile hydraulic elements LBHS, the Zimmer Group is expanding its narrow / low-profile pneumatic elements LKP (S) and LBPS by sizes 45 mm and 55 mm.

Brake elements of the RBPS series have been added

The brake elements of the RBPS series have also proven themselves in countless applications as fall protection for round guide rails. They also close when the pressure drops by spring force and are equipped with one of the tried and tested wedge gears, which, however, has several rollers and can therefore exert very high holding forces. The RBPS series is mainly used in portals, for example to prevent tools and gripping devices from falling in the event of a drive failure, brake failure, a belt break or an axle breaking.

In order to open up the range of applications more in the heavy-duty area, the Zimmer Group has expanded the RBPS series to include shaft diameters of 50 mm, 55 mm and 60 mm with a high holding force of 48 kN. (jv)

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