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Granta Expands Metal Materials Database

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Granta Expands Metal Materials Database
Granta Expands Metal Materials Database

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Video: ANSYS Granta Materials Data for Simulation (MDS) Overview and Demo 2023, January

It includes a digital version of the pioneering MMPDS-10 aluminum alloys for aviation, the latest register of European steels and steel spec data (including automotive steels) as well as ASME data on metals for the energy industry and chemical plant construction. The improvements concern, among other things, nonlinear material properties that are suitable for simulation and expanded information for the comparison of international standards. Further information will be provided in a web seminar at the end of September.

Simply identify alternatives

The need to identify similar or equivalent materials is a widespread challenge with metallic materials, e.g. For example, if a local material class has to be found for use in an international manufacturing location because of delivery problems with certain materials or because one of the materials is out of date. Such studies require information on global standards and specifications that are linked to characteristic values. Suitable tools for analyzing this data are also needed to identify suitable alternatives.

Huge collection of material data

Engineers also need access to reliable data on material selection, product design, simulation, qualification and more. In many of the applications, such as. For example, for crash simulations, data that describe both nonlinear and elastic properties are required for a complete understanding of the suitability of a material.

Granta brings together a unique collection of material data from widely used and respected sources. The characteristic values ​​include statistically derived design data for high-performance alloys, global standards and specification data for identifying equivalent material classes as well as temperature-dependent and non-linear data.

The following five data modules have been updated:

  • MMPDS: Version 10 of the leading aviation reference
  • ASME BPVC: the 2015 version of ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code
  • Stahldat SX: the latest, complete and current register of European steels, including extended mechanical properties, new magnetic property data and improved information for international equivalence studies.
  • Steel data sheet steel: all updates of sheet steel data with a focus on applications in the automotive industry.
  • SteelSpec: with over 250 additional steel specifications.

Users of the Granta MI material information management system can immediately access the updated modules and manage and use the data, in addition to their own company data, in the same system. The modules will also be available in the upcoming new version of CES Selector. This makes it possible to use the data with powerful selection and visualization tools that support the user in comparing characteristic values ​​and making material decisions. Users of both systems will benefit from the availability of the metal parameters in addition to the extensive information on plastics and composite materials, as this enables cross-material comparisons and analyzes. (mz)


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