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Security Solutions For Networked Production

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Security Solutions For Networked Production
Security Solutions For Networked Production

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Video: Fingrid Flow based for Beginners 2023, February

Schmersal shows a new generation of locking devices and sensors based on RFID, which also contains unsafe information such as B. can pass on status data or error messages. RFID safety sensors, which monitor the position of protective doors, can transmit an electronic warning signal when defined offset limits are reached before the machine is switched off. As a result, higher plant availability can be achieved. In addition, these safety relays can be easily integrated into communication networks.

Avoid unnecessary downtime

The new AZM400 safety locking device from Schmersal, for example, shows how unnecessary downtimes on machines and systems can be avoided thanks to intelligent sensors, which is not only characterized by a high locking force of 10,000 Newtons. The AZM400 consists of the tumbler unit with a motor-driven locking pin that plunges into the locking opening of an actuator. A security-enhanced RFID sensor monitors the correct position of the safety gate in communication with the RFID tag in the actuator and only then allows the locking bolt to be extended. Whose position is monitored during the extension by an intelligent magnetic field detection of the locking bolt in interaction with the actuator, whereby error states are recognized:If the locking pin does not reach the "locked" state in the first attempt to lock it, it will make a second attempt automatically. The AZM400 only reports a fault if this also fails. This reduces the number of fault reports.

Safety installation system with SD interface

At Motek, Schmersal is presenting a new networking option: the safety installation system with SD interface. This is an installation aid for the simple and cost-effective wiring of safety switches in series connection, whereby the "serial diagnosis" interface is used for the transmission of non-safe data. Safety sensors and tumblers equipped with an SD interface can transmit extensive diagnostic data of the individual devices in series connection to a controller via the SD gateway and a fieldbus. With the MZM100-SD non-contact magnetic safety locking device, this can be, for example, diagnostic data or error messages, such as "too high magnet temperature", "too low operating voltage" or "defective actuator".In this way, faults can be eliminated more quickly.

In the future, extended diagnostic functions will also enable predictive maintenance and avoid malfunctions and machine downtimes. Up to 31 safety sensors and tumblers can communicate via the SD gateway. The data can be visualized on screens.

Comprehensive security services

The newly established Services division of the Schmersal Group, tec.nicum, will also be presenting its extensive range of safety services at Motek. The portfolio includes training courses and seminars, consulting services for machine and plant safety as well as engineering - i.e. planning, conception and programming of safety-related solutions - right through to the installation of safety products and systems. The primary goal is the implementation of efficient security solutions that not only guarantee the protection of employees, but also high productivity. (jv)

Motek 2016: Hall 7, booth 7103

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