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Integrated Measuring System IMS-A Receives The Heller Supplier Award

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Integrated Measuring System IMS-A Receives The Heller Supplier Award
Integrated Measuring System IMS-A Receives The Heller Supplier Award

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Video: [EN] Bosch Rexroth: Integrated Measuring System IMS-A - Absolute, Robust and Precise 2023, January

The Heller Supplier Days were created to set up and optimize a versatile and strategically oriented supplier network against the background of an international production network. Heller set the starting point for these efforts in 2013 with the STEP (Strategic Together Evolution Partnership) development program. In order to be among the top suppliers, Heller evaluates its partners according to criteria such as product quality, adherence to delivery dates, and adherence to quantities. Bosch Rexroth has been one of this fixed group of top suppliers for years. With the award of the integrated measuring system IMS-A as a special innovative product, the partnership lived out is now underpinned again.

Convinced as an innovation

“We are delighted that our integrated measurement system has won the Heller Supplier Award. It is both praise and incentive for us and confirms our commitment to the constant development of innovative solutions in order to further strengthen the competitiveness of our partners,”comments Guido Hettwer, CEO, Sales Europe Middle at Bosch Rexroth. "In its role as the clear technology leader in its market and as the only purely German manufacturer for horizontal machining centers, Heller is also the best proof that IMS-A impressed users as an innovation and thus underlines the importance of the award."

Heller has installed the measuring system in its new HF series of centers, the special feature of which is the fifth axis in the workpiece. In combination with the horizontally aligned work spindle, it enables dynamic 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis machining. The machining centers are available both as a direct loading machine for single part production and with a pallet changer for series production.

Lead and measure with the highest precision

IMS-A detects the absolute position of the axis immediately with a resolution of 0.025 μm and reports it to the control without reference travel. The measuring system, which is insensitive to dirt, vibrations and shocks, does not require any backup batteries during a power failure. Additional temperature and motion sensors are installed in preparation for future requirements regarding Industry 4.0. Thanks to the inductive measuring principle, the IMS-A works without contact and therefore free of wear. The material measure cannot be disturbed by external magnetic fields. The IMS-A is insensitive to vibrations up to 10 G and shocks up to 50 G.

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