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New 3/3-way Valves Save Almost 50% Energy

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New 3/3-way Valves Save Almost 50% Energy
New 3/3-way Valves Save Almost 50% Energy

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Video: Belimo Energy Valve™: Making Systems Energy Efficient, Easier to Control and More Transparent 2023, January

Compared to the proven 2/2, 3/2 and 5/3 way valves, the new VEX3 series offers a number of tangible advantages. The significantly reduced energy consumption is economically and ecologically significant: the power consumption is reduced from 1.8 watts to 1 watt without an operating display and from 2.1 to 1.1 watts in operation with an operating display. At the same time, depending on the version, the outer dimensions were reduced by approximately 10% in height and approximately 5% in width. In essence, the more compact design could be achieved by dispensing with individual components. The new VEX3 valves are designed for flow rates of up to 3300 l / min and have three switch positions. This means that the cylinders can be stopped up to Ø 125 mm if necessary.

With the new VEX3 3/3-way valves, even complex systems can be implemented with little effort. For example, two valves can be connected to a double-acting cylinder. In this way, up to 9 different switching positions - including slow stop or deceleration - can be realized. In addition to the version with a cast-in cable, SMC also offers the new VEX3 valves with L and M sockets including spark extinguishing and status display. In addition to the previously offered nominal voltages of 6, 12, 24 and 48 volts, two further variants with 3 and 5 volts are now being added. The three new, optional manual overrides simplify handling and provide more flexibility. An unlockable version is still available.The three lockable alternatives are offered for cast-in cable and plug connections, as well as for DIN terminals in slot and swivel lever versions. (qui)

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