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Safe Human-robot Collaboration

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Safe Human-robot Collaboration
Safe Human-robot Collaboration

Video: Safe Human-robot Collaboration

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Video: Safe Human-Robot Interaktion 2023, January

For collaborative, cooperating and coexisting systems, a holistic solution approach is increasingly in the foreground, with which the entire workplace around tools, workpieces and automation must be secured. Mayser sees itself in the areas of industry, robotics and automation as such a system provider for different products and applications.

Non-contact protection through ultrasound

A pioneering development are ultrasonic sensors with very small ultrasonic transducers that can be positioned freely and separately from the electronics. They can also be used in an application where conventional ultrasonic sensors no longer have space. Unaffected by dirt, external noise, air currents and moisture, they reliably detect people as well as objects made from a wide variety of materials - regardless of shape, transparency and color. There is practically no blind zone because the sensors measure the entire area of ​​the elliptical sound field up to a distance of 2.50 m and detect even small objects. Another special feature: the teach-in function enables the entire measuring environment including the static objects in the detection field to be taught.

From the beginning of 2017, an innovation in the field of ultrasound, the functionally safe "Ultrasound safety", will be available. The two-channel system "Ultrasound safety" is fail-safe and corresponds to ISO 13849-1: 2015 category 3 PL d.

Solutions for the high-end HRC workplace

In addition to the possible ultrasound, the MRK work environment is also tactile secured by surface sensors, safety edges and safety bumpers. Non-contact sensors can be inserted to initiate additional protective mechanisms. Tactile arm and joint protection as well as a robust soft cover skin with tactile sensors protect directly on the robot and can be individually adapted to the geometry of the robot. A “soft” look increases the acceptance of the robot in humans. (jv)

Machine safety

Recognize people and objects without contact

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