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Collaborating Lightweight Robots In Use At Trade Fairs

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Collaborating Lightweight Robots In Use At Trade Fairs
Collaborating Lightweight Robots In Use At Trade Fairs

Robotics "We have been running our Universal Robots + application showroom and the free + You Developer Program since June 2016," says Helmut Schmid, General Manager Western Europe at Universal Robots. "At Motek, we are already demonstrating the first innovative solutions that resulted from participating in this program."

Automation with collaborative robots

The sales partners Faude Automation Technology (Hall 7, Stand 7417) and WMV Robotics will be showing other examples of efficient, innovative and cost-effective automation with the collaborative robots from Universal Robots at a joint stand with Smart Robotics (Hall 7, Stand 7302).

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In addition to already proven applications and accessories for human-robot collaboration, Faude is presenting a new product developed at Motek: a wireless control panel for UR robots. It has a three-stage enabling button and a WLAN interface for an even more flexible, safe and reliable robot control. The one-handed ergonomic operation of the panel enables wireless programming for the first time. "Thanks to our many years of experience in creating and integrating customer applications with UR robots, in addition to process experience, our own requirements for components relating to lightweight robots are also growing," says Dirk Thamm, Managing Director at Faude. “Our own products should always live up to this claim.All UR system partners should benefit from the use of our innovations."

The dice robotic arm

Trade fair visitors can also get to know the Universal Robots product family at the joint booth of WMV Robotics and Smart Robotics. With the help of different, intelligent gripper systems, the companies showcase the versatility and flexibility of the collaborative robot arms. This becomes particularly clear in an application of the UR3, which will entertain the visitors with a game of dice.

Visitors can also experience what mobility in robotics means: "We are demonstrating the combined industry expertise of two pioneers in human-robot collaboration," says Torsten Woyke, owner and managing director of WMV Robotics. Applications can also be seen at the joint exhibition stand, in which the collaborating robot arms can move independently between workplaces on the autonomous mobile platforms of Mobile Industrial Robots. (jv)

Motek 2016: Hall 7, booth 7304

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