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Highly Dynamic Valve Enables Precise Control Behavior

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Highly Dynamic Valve Enables Precise Control Behavior
Highly Dynamic Valve Enables Precise Control Behavior

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It combines their excellent operating behavior and robustness with innovative valve technology and the associated electronic control. The single-stage, direct control enables precise control behavior: thanks to impulse response and accuracy, the servo valve DECV is suitable for demanding drive tasks. With a step response of just seven milliseconds, the DECV belongs to the class of highly dynamic valves. Thanks to the direct control, a hysteresis of well under one percent is also achieved.

Designed for high loads

The development of the DECV valve focused on applications with high mechanical loads. The rough everyday machine life outside of laboratory conditions confirms the extraordinary parameters of the DECV: for example, the servo valve has already proven itself in punching / nibbling machines under cyclical shocks of several hundred g (> 2000 m / s²).

Cost reduction through simple oil filtering

The Voith DECV valve hardly reacts to oil contamination and can be operated with oil of purity class 19/17/14 according to ISO 4406. This oil quality can be achieved with conventional bypass filtering. Comparable servo valves often require higher levels of purity, the achievement of which then requires the use of expensive pressure filters. The Voith DECV therefore reduces the operating costs of the system.

Easy integration and remote maintenance

The programmable control electronics of the DECV offer all common interfaces, which simplifies the integration into existing systems. The HS4-SV2 control used in the DECV valve includes not only the power amplifier for control but also a parameterizable PLC / CNC. Frequently occurring user cycles are already integrated and can easily be adapted to specific requirements via fieldbuses. Using the "PunchMaster" software tool belonging to the HS4 controller, diagnostic data can be called up via Ethernet from anywhere in the world. This enables faulty cycles to be identified and quality assurance to accompany production. An integrated sensor measures the pressure directly at the process connection and thus enables very precise and dynamic process monitoring and control. This avoids downtimes,which reduces repair and service costs. (qui)

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