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3D Image Processing On The Way To Production Optimization

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3D Image Processing On The Way To Production Optimization
3D Image Processing On The Way To Production Optimization

Video: 3D Image Processing On The Way To Production Optimization

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Video: Introduction to Image Processing and Optimization 2023, January

Users increasingly see current 3D systems as technical jack-of-all-trades with innovation potential. Jana Bartels, Product Manager for 3D / Time-of-Flight (ToF) at Basler from Ahrensburg: “There is increasing interest in 3D cameras, for example to automate and monitor processes, to implement robot controls more easily and to man-machine interface optimize and make it safer."

Research project of driverless reach trucks

The highlights for the product manager include a joint research project by Basler with Jungheinrich KG, the Institute for Integrated Production Hanover (IPH), Götting KG and the Institute for Technical Computer Science at the University of Lübeck (ITI). A driverless reach truck was created here that understands human language and interprets gestures thanks to 3D image processing. This project shows how humans and machines can communicate with each other in the future.

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The expert is observing a large number of current trends: The arrival of less complex 3D systems with fast, higher-resolution sensors that are easier to operate. Users no longer just look at the pure purchase price, but orientate themselves towards the actual life cycle costs (total cost of ownership). Basler will be presenting cameras with an LVDS-based BCON interface for embedded vision systems and the new time-of-flight camera. Bartels: "It is the first industrial VGA camera in the mainstream price segment that works according to the ToF principle."

Industry 4.0 is a driving factor

Ritchie Logan, Vice President Business Development at Odos Imaging in Edinburgh, sees Industry 4.0 as an important driving factor for innovations in the vision industry: “Industry 4.0 and the new 3D time-of-flight technology provide for a wide range user requests. This helps us to develop new solutions for the challenges associated with Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0."

With a view to the Vision Award 2014, which Odos Imaging received for their “Machine Vision with Depth” (a high-resolution system based on the pulsed 3D time-of-flight imaging method), the Scots present this year further developments like that high-resolution 3D ToF camera Star-Form or the event recording camera Star-Stop with freeze motion function.

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