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If Connector Replace Terminal Blocks

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If Connector Replace Terminal Blocks
If Connector Replace Terminal Blocks

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

Plug in, let's go - this brief description pretty much sums up the advantages of a pluggable control cabinet system. Time-consuming wiring on site is no longer necessary, and commissioning a machine at the customer is child's play. For this reason, the Frimo group of companies attaches great importance to a completely pluggable system for control cabinets that are not already located directly on the machine frame.

The company produces system solutions for the manufacture of high-quality plastic components. Control cabinet construction is also an integral part of the Frimo Group. In the past, the control cabinet concept was realized there with heavy industrial connectors using screw connection technology, which were placed on the side of the control cabinet in a bulkhead structure. The disadvantage of this extra connection hood was that it caused additional costs and, above all, made complex internal wiring necessary. Despite these disadvantages, Frimo did not want to do without the pluggable system and looked for optimization options.

Plug connector integrated in the cabinet

Together with the Ilme sales engineer Erich Bubeneder, the company developed a completely new concept in which the bulkhead structure is no longer required and the advantages of the plug-in concept remain. Frimo benefited from the fact that space was available inside the cabinet due to other optimizations.

The control cabinet installation system COB from Ilme GmbH is now used, in which the connectors completely disappear into the control cabinet. The connection hood is omitted, and connector housings are also superfluous because the cabinet takes over the protective function of the connectors.

“With the pluggable control cabinet system, no cables have to be laboriously wired on site. This means that the customer can simply plug in the control cabinet without making a mistake. As a rule, he also saves the use of an additional electrician.” Jochen Holterhues Sales Manager, Ilme GmbH

Connection technology

Attachment housing with self-closing hinged cover

Connection technology

That was the tenth connector user congress

Cost-optimized: plastic cap as a sleeve housing

As transport protection for the cables, Ilme uses a plastic cap as a sleeve housing, which is then attached to the socket inserts in the COB system and locked on site. The employees at Frimo were used to massive aluminum die-cast housings and were therefore rather skeptical whether this transport protection was really sufficient. So far, according to managing director Christoph Dürager, there have been no problems with this cost-optimized solution.

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