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Pit Covers Provide Efficient Protection

Pit Covers Provide Efficient Protection
Pit Covers Provide Efficient Protection

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Video: Agritec® Silage Safe | New tensioning system for fast, efficient covering of silage 2023, January

Safety Pit covers are often implemented using manually displaceable metal plates, which - if the open pit is used frequently - means a high level of safety for personnel. In addition, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, various safety devices such as belts and fall protection devices are mandatory for personnel.

Devices with a roller shutter principle or platforms that can be lowered into the pit are available as technical solutions, which, when electrically powered, ensure a level hall floor when closed. An application at Heidelbergcement in Hanover demonstrates the benefits of a pit cover, which significantly simplifies the processes, especially for process reliability when loading cement. Inspection tours, repair and maintenance measures as well as cleaning actions above the loading point have been significantly simplified - including relaxed safety regulations and a belt release for the employees.

The subsequent installation of an automated Steelflex pit cover from Dynatect-Halltech can be tailored directly to the local installation conditions. The continuous stainless steel surface of the Steelflex cover has proven to be particularly advantageous. With other cover variants, which for example consist of individual links, dirt can get stuck between the profiles and lead to malfunctions or malfunctions. The dimensions of the pit cover in Hanover cover a width of 1200 mm and a length of 7700 mm. Steelflex pit covers have already been used up to 8000 mm.

With regard to the load capacity of the cover, the profile thickness is the decisive factor. Profile thicknesses of up to 50 mm are currently possible. Supplemented with anti-slip strips or anti-slip paint also increases the surefootedness when walking on the cover. At HeidelbergCement, two loading stations in a silo have been equipped with four Steelflex covers. The goal of installing an automated pit cover as an effective safety measure for the loading process was optimally achieved with this solution. Alternatively, there are covers for chemical, degreasing, coating or paint tanks, for example to contain dangerous vapors. (ud)

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