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Individually Adjustable HRC Gripper From Additive Manufacturing

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Individually Adjustable HRC Gripper From Additive Manufacturing
Individually Adjustable HRC Gripper From Additive Manufacturing

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Video: Automated Post-Processing for Metal Additive Manufacturing - Enabled by the BOLT-IT Concept 2023, January

The grippers, which were developed in cooperation with Kuka Systems, meet particularly stringent safety requirements: The latest standards ISO 10218 and ISO / TS 15066 are met, for example, by rounding edges and corners, a specially coordinated flange and cleverly designed protective shields. The additional flexibility guarantees the protection of the worker against injuries.


With the RRMG-MRK, Röhm can react extremely flexibly to a wide variety of requirements and offer exactly the right solutions. Christian Schmid, Head of Product Management and Gripper Specialist at Röhm: “The great advantage of our additive manufacturing process is that all conceivable workpiece shapes can be mapped. Regardless of whether the customers have requirements for external or internal gripping. For example, round, oval or almost arbitrarily shaped workpieces can be gripped on the inner contour. Even different workpiece diameters can be packed safely and reliably with one and the same gripper thanks to the high flexibility of the gripper fingers”.

Another advantage is that material damage due to the surface properties of the polyamide PA12 material is practically impossible. “PA12 is also particularly resistant to media such as cooling lubricants or oils and is also suitable for food, which opens up new areas of application. This flexibility combined with robustness, resilience and weight-optimized design are extremely important to us and our customers,”adds Schmid.

Low weight

In fact, the dead weight of 300 g (depending on the contour of the gripper fingers) is extremely low. The RRMG-MRK also performs very well when it comes to longevity: the gripper is maintenance-free up to ten million gripping cycles, at up to 100 cycles per minute. Depending on the gripping strategy and the contour of the workpiece, even larger components can be gripped safely with a 120 Newton gripping force. The tension position is queried conveniently via integrated sensors.

Christian Schmid: “In addition, with the flange specially developed for the Kuka LBR Iiwa, the gripping position can be adjusted by 90 degrees - depending on whether a component is to be gripped horizontally or vertically. Thanks to the quick adjustment, the gripper can easily be swiveled by 90 degrees.”(Jv)

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