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Powerful Linear Axes And Ergonomics At The Workplace

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Powerful Linear Axes And Ergonomics At The Workplace
Powerful Linear Axes And Ergonomics At The Workplace

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Video: Ergonomics Awareness: For Employees and Supervisors - Dr. Ergo Version 2023, January

RK Rose + Krieger GmbH is again represented at Motek in Stuttgart this year. At the exhibition stand, the company shows innovations and proven series:

RK Monoline - new linear units in the upper performance segment : The roller guides of the RK Monoline series are initially available in the common sizes 40 and 80 with toothed belt drive (Z) or without drive as rotating torque support (R). The variable mounting concept can be used for almost all motors and allows the motor position to be changed later. Profile grooves reduce the design effort for fastening the payload and facilitate customer-specific integration. The RK Monoline Z can be loaded up to 4100 N, reaches travel speeds of up to 10 m / s with permissible accelerations of max. 20 ms² and should convince with a very good price-performance ratio.

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Multilift II Impact - Electric lifting columns with internal damping: Due to its internal damping system, the Multilift II Impact electric lifting column absorbs high impact forces that can arise, for example, when unloading a workpiece. Therefore, the new lifting column should be particularly suitable for the height adjustment of industrial assembly tables. The damping system prevents overloading due to strong dynamic loads. According to RK Rose + Krieger, such a system has so far been unique on the market. According to the company, the Multilift II ESD for the electrical height adjustment of ESD assembly work tables is not yet available on the market.

RK monitor holder expanded with support arms and keyboard shelf : In addition to the RK monitor holder in the vibration-proof lockable version with inclination adjustment in 15 ° detent steps for monitors up to 25 kg (static), RK Rose + Krieger also offers a screen holder with ball joint. This can be loaded with a weight of up to 10 kg (static), offers even more degrees of freedom and, due to a special coating on the ball and a clamping mechanism registered as a utility model, should guarantee reliable process friction. In addition, RK Rose + Krieger expanded the accessories for the monitor brackets by two support arms and a keyboard shelf.

Linear technology

Modular transport system

Workplace ergonomics

Like the electric lifting columns and the RK monitor holder, a special pick-by-light workstation for the assembly of individual small series as well as research work by the Fraunhofer Institute for measuring loads at the workplace are located in the area of ​​workplace ergonomics. With both projects, RK Rose + Krieger is pursuing the concept of optimally ergonomic workplaces. (sh)

Motek 2016: Hall 4, Stand 4430 / 4430-1

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