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Apply Now For Negative Price "Plagiarius"

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Apply Now For Negative Price "Plagiarius"
Apply Now For Negative Price "Plagiarius"

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For the 41st time, Aktion Plagiarius eV has announced the “Plagiarius” competition. Companies, designers and inventors are invited to submit their original products and alleged imitations and to suggest the plagiarist - be it manufacturer or dealer - as the winner of the negative price.

In addition to the legal prosecution of the plagiarism, the competition also has the advantage that the fear of public embarrassment has already led some plagiarists to take residual stocks from the market, sign a declaration of cessation or disclose their suppliers. Practical examples of product and brand piracy are also important for raising public and consumer awareness. The Plagiarius campaign combines the deterrence of plagiarists (supply) and the education of consumers (demand).

The following must be submitted to the competition:

  • The original product (if the packaging was copied in the original packaging)
  • The alleged plagiarism (including packaging)
  • The completed registration form (printed and emailed to [email protected])
  • Correspondence with the plagiarist, if done
  • Copies of registered property rights (certificates), if registered
  • If necessary. further background information that could help the jury (short and precise)

The award ceremony will take place as part of a press conference on February 10, 2017 at Frankfurt's “Ambiente” - the world's largest consumer goods fair. During the fair, all submitted originals and plagiarisms will be displayed in the 5.1 / 6.1 foyer. The award-winning products will then be presented to a wide audience in the Plagiarius Museum in Solingen and at worldwide traveling exhibitions. (kj)


Negative price "Plagiarius" awards particularly brazen counterfeits


70 percent of companies are affected by product or brand piracy

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File: Registration Plagiarius Competition 2017

File: Conditions of participation for the Plagiarius competition

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