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The Summer Group Becomes Zimmer Automatic

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The Summer Group Becomes Zimmer Automatic
The Summer Group Becomes Zimmer Automatic

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Video: Why Not? Episode 09 | Zimmer Group | End Of Arm Tooling | Grippers | 2023, February

Users of the automation industry are familiar with the Sommer-Automatic brand. Now the Zimmer Group (formerly Zimmer Technische Werkstätten), who develop gripper, handling and robot components, let their traditional brand merge into the Zimmer Group's umbrella brand. The products that were previously marketed under the familiar logo will continue to be available under the Zimmer Group brand.

This change is part of a whole series of strategic decisions and internal restructuring, with which the group of companies has adapted to the challenges of the future in recent years.

Zimmer Group makes Industry 4.0 practical

The transition from Sommer-Automatic to the Zimmer Group umbrella brand should also stand for the transition to Industry 4.0: Components that were previously purely mechanical will be equipped with sensors and controls, pneumatic drives will be replaced by electrical ones, and pure mechanical solutions will be replaced by mechatronic components replaced. The resulting data is transferred to the central controls via bus systems, and the data evaluation opens up new possibilities for production control.

The Zimmer Group is working purposefully towards this networked manufacturing of tomorrow and has focused on easy use and integration. In addition to a wide range of components, software and services, the company also offers its own control platform and provides its own user interface for intelligent components.

IO-Link for easy connection to the control

Zimmer relies on IO-Link for communication between sensors / actuators and the higher-level control system. This communication system is easy to use. Since not only signals from the control system are sent to components such as grippers and swivel units, but also data from the components to the control system, the entire system can be fully controlled and diagnosed.

At Motek 2016, Zimmer wants to show how efficiently intelligent components can be used in IO-Link with two exemplary applications. Trade fair visitors can experience how easy it is to work in practice with IO-Link and how easy it is to monitor or replace a component, for example. (kj)

Motek 2016: Hall 3, Stand 3201

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