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New High-resolution CMOS Cameras With 25 Megapixels

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New High-resolution CMOS Cameras With 25 Megapixels
New High-resolution CMOS Cameras With 25 Megapixels

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The new Python sensor has a significantly improved sensitivity compared to cameras with the previous generation based on the Vita-25K sensor. With an aspect ratio of 1: 1, the lens formats are optimally used. The dual GigE interface of the LXG variant enables the frame rate to be doubled or the transmission time to be halved compared to single GigE cameras. The camera also enables very high frame rates for short image sequences in burst mode or when using an ROI. As a result, the response time or test duration can be considerably reduced in applications.

Permanently very high frame rate

The Camera Link models consistently offer a very high frame rate. To simplify the integration, the camera is configured using the GenCP protocol. It enables convenient parameterization via GenI-Cam. To ensure system stability, data integrity can be validated using a checksum. This is particularly advantageous for robotics applications or when using longer cables. Events and status information such as image sequence numbers or time stamps can also be transferred to each image. This enables easy control of the camera status.

The new 25 megapixel cameras complement the previous models based on CMOSIS sensors. In the same compact format of 60 mm x 60 mm, 6 resolutions from 2 to 25 megapixels are now available. Different resolutions are covered with one camera format in order to record different applications with one construction.

For demanding applications

The LX series offers great flexibility with features such as sequencer, Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Power over Camera Link (PoCL) and Multi / IO as well as a modular lens mount. The new cameras are predestined for use in demanding applications such as the inspection of printed circuit boards, semiconductors or surfaces and 2D / 3D measurement technology that require high resolution and high frame rate.

Models with Dual GigE or Camera Link interfaces are now available for evaluation. Series production will start in the third quarter of 2016. (jv)

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