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Simple Component Hides Complex Technology

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Simple Component Hides Complex Technology
Simple Component Hides Complex Technology

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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It's actually quite simple: as classic linear drives, ball screws perform a linear movement from A to B. But the many applications in which they are used already show in detail the complexity of the technology behind this description. Heavy-duty molds for injection molding machines are opened and closed using ball screws, machine tool carriages are positioned using these linear systems, and ball screws in process engineering system components ensure the highly precise dosing of liquids.

Ball screw drives have been “conquering” applications of other types of linear systems, such as pneumatic and especially hydraulic axes, for several years.

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NSK not only accompanied this trend, but also significantly influenced it. Almost sixty years ago, the company, which is celebrating its centenary this year, developed the first ball screw drive and has continuously expanded this business area since then. Seven manufacturing plants in five countries on three continents produce linear technology components and systems, including around 60,000 ball screws per month. The European production plant for NSK linear products is located in Newark / Great Britain.

Focus on mechanical engineering

The NSK product range of ball screws ranges from miniature drives with a 4 mm diameter for medical technology up to 14 m long units, which u. a. are used in systems for vibration damping of high-rise buildings and bridges. However, mechanical engineering continues to make up the largest share, especially machine tools and plastic machines. Here the machine builders benefit from the fact that this drive technology allows the programming and driving of exact driving profiles by accelerating, braking and holding the load or the pressure. In practice, this means that the cycle time is shortened and - in the case of plastic machines - the quality of the injection molded part or - in the case of machine tools - the precision of the machining can be improved.In addition, the electric drive works with high energy efficiency and without the risk of leakage.

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NSK: 100 years leader in drive technology

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