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Vice Chancellor Gabriel Opened The WindEnergy Trade Fair In Hamburg

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Vice Chancellor Gabriel Opened The WindEnergy Trade Fair In Hamburg
Vice Chancellor Gabriel Opened The WindEnergy Trade Fair In Hamburg

Video: Vice Chancellor Gabriel Opened The WindEnergy Trade Fair In Hamburg

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Video: WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 - Impressions 23 September 2023, January

"I am pleased that with Hamburg we have a wind location that serves as a lighthouse for the German wind industry and therefore rightly bundles two leading events for the German and international wind industry here in Hamburg with the WindEnergy Hamburg and the Wind Europe Summit," said Gabriel. Among the speakers at the opening ceremony was the EU Commissioner for the Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič, who emphasized: "Wind energy is the heart of the renewable energy industry in Europe."

Products and services for onshore and offshore

At WindEnergy Hamburg, exhibitors from 34 nations will present their product innovations and services, including numerous world innovations, for four days until September 30th. The leading global trade fair for wind energy is the only one that comprehensively covers both the onshore and the offshore sector of the wind industry. The WindEurope Summit offers until September 29th in the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) an extensive program with lectures by around 500 experts under the motto "Making transition work".

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Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel: “The wind industry is clearly a global growth market and Germany is an important driver of innovation. In 2015 the new building in Europe grew by six percent or 13 GW, worldwide there was 17 percent growth or 60 GW. In order for this important market to continue to grow in the future, we structured and planned the energy transition in this legislative period. With the latest reform of the EEG, the electricity market law and the digitization of the energy transition, we have taken very important steps for the next phase of the energy transition, which will be shaped by a growing share of renewable energies and a growing digitization in the entire energy industry, "said the German Vice Chancellor.

All nine halls fully booked

"We were able to attract 1436 exhibitors this year, around 200 more than in 2014," said Bernd Aufderheide, CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. In addition, the proportion of international exhibitors, at 44 percent, is significantly higher than the 33 percent from the 2014 premiere year. "This shows that the concept as the leading international trade fair for wind energy was convincing and was accepted by the global market," continued Aufderheide. WindEnergy Hamburg has been enlarged by one hall. "The leading trade fair now occupies a total of nine halls with around 65,000 square meters - and all are fully booked!"

For the first time, the WindEurope Summit conference of the European Wind Association WindEurope is taking place parallel to WindEnergy Hamburg. "Together, both events form the industry's most important international meeting point for the transfer of know-how, which is so important for overcoming the challenges ahead - they form the global summit for wind energy," said Aufderheide.

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