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Contactless Energy Transfer In Cleanrooms

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Contactless Energy Transfer In Cleanrooms
Contactless Energy Transfer In Cleanrooms

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Freecon Contactless from Weidmüller is designed as a contactless, maintenance-free energy transfer that was developed for applications in the industrial environment. Medical technology, the food and electronics industry or aerospace technology, optics / laser or nanotechnology and pharmaceuticals are also intended to be ideal areas of application for the system.

Avoid contamination

In industrial automation, energy transfer usually takes place with connectors. With this conventional solution, burned, bent or soiled contacts can often lead to time-consuming and costly production downtimes. This applies in particular to applications in which frequent mating cycles are required or where special challenges are placed on a product or on processes, such as in medical technology, the food and electrical industry or in radioactive environments. So-called clean room applications place the highest demands: keeping products and processes as clean as possible and avoiding contamination are decisive factors there. Applications should be encapsulated as completely as possible,in order to keep the entry and the concentration of airborne particles very low.

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However, plug connections can lead to particle contamination in clean room applications. Freecon Contactless is now to offer an elegant, efficient and technically mature solution: contactless energy transmission based on inductive resonance coupling is to provide wear-free connections that can even be routed through a glass wall. According to Weidmüller, this technology can be used almost everywhere, for example in solid and liquid material. For physical reasons, it is not used for penetrating metal. In cleanrooms, contactless energy transfer via Freecon Contactless should be easy, which means that the electrical supply to sensors and actuators is always ensured.

Energy management

Effectively maximize energy efficiency and plant availability

Terminal block

Plan, install and operate control cabinets more efficiently

Can be switched directly via PLC control

According to Weidmüller, Freecon Contactless is currently the only system on the market that can be switched directly via PLC control without the need for an additional contactor. The maintenance-free energy transmission is very compact with a width of 100 mm, a length of 100 mm and a height of 47 mm. Freecon Contactless transmits a power of 240 W - 24 V DC / 10 Ampere - contactlessly over an air gap of up to 5 mm, with an efficiency of up to 90%. With protection class IP65, Freecon Contactless also has flexible mounting options such as direct mounting or mounting brackets. According to the manufacturer, the system works wear-free and maintenance-free, thus increasing plant availability, reducing service calls and minimizing maintenance costs. In contrast to the connector, the secondary side can beLead to the primary side from any direction and also rotate. The precise coupling of the system takes place through a precise position control, called "leading pairing". An automatic connection can be made directly via PLC control. (sh)

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