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Wittenstein In All Axes

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Wittenstein In All Axes
Wittenstein In All Axes

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Video: Motor mounting alpha Advanced/Premium Line Planetary gearboxes – step by step von WITTENSTEIN alpha 2023, January

At Motek, Wittenstein Alpha will be presenting the expanded portfolio of servo worm gears from the V-Drive product family for the first time. The newly developed V-Drive Basic is initially available in two sizes with the basic output types hollow shaft and solid shaft as well as a total of five ratios. The backlash from 10 arcmin to ≤ 15 arcmin is specified for all versions. The special geometry and design of the toothing in the V-Drive Basic is intended to ensure a high speed reserve and high efficiency, and to make the servo worm gears very smooth and quiet: a maximum of 65 dbA at full load and about 50 dbA at medium speeds.


How to develop unique gears

V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced with new performance data

Fully compatible with the tried and tested V-Drive Eco and V-Drive +, but with increased torque and reduced torsional backlash, the upgrade versions V-Drive Value and V-Drive Advanced are available. In addition, both V-Drive versions are specified for a lifespan of over 20,000 operating hours - a value that, according to Wittenstein, is around 25% to 50% above the current market standard.


An overview of the world of gears

Chipless pinning of racks

No drilling, no chips, no problems due to the accessibility and location of the machine parts: Wittenstein Alpha is demonstrating an easy-to-assemble principle for pinning racks at Motek. This requires the supplied two-piece assembly set, consisting of an assembly pin and sleeve, which is assembled with a hammer and Allen key. According to the manufacturer, the time saved during assembly is serious: with chipless pinning, a secure, form-fitting fixing of a rack should be possible within one minute - instead of 30 to 45 minutes with conventional pinning. Racks should also be quick and easy to replace when servicing is required. (sh)

Motek 2016: Hall 8, Stand 8121

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